America Ferrera Weight Loss | Diet Plan, And Workout Routine

Weight loss journeys of our favorite celebrities can be an inspiration for us to start our own transformation. The first thought that pops into our mind after seeing a celebrity’s before and after picture is, how did this happen?

A lot of so-called method actors continuously lose and gain a lot of weight just for movie roles. But, some celebs actually make a real-life transformation to lead a healthier life.

Today, we are going to talk about the transformation of America Ferrera. How did the America Ferrera weight loss journey start, what was her diet plan, and what was her workout regime?

America Ferrera is an American producer, director, and award-winning actress.

Born in the April of 1984, America Ferrera gained popularity in 2006 when the ABC hit comedy TB show Ugly Betty came out. The role of Betty Suarez earned America a lot of new projects as well as a lot of recognition from various award shows.

Now she is a household name, with a large number of successful movies and TV shows, but recently she has been making the headlines for a completely different reason. The America Ferrera weight loss and body transformation.

The purpose of this article is two-fold. One is to bust some claims that America Ferrera underwent surgeries to lose all the weight, and the other is to tell you what she did so you can do it too and achieve the perfect summer body. So, let’s get going.

America Ferrera Weight Loss Journey

Weight fluctuation is a natural phenomenon. Maintaining a consistent weight requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Sometimes, celebrities are under too much workload or going through some personal distress, so they don’t pay too much attention to their bodies. After all, they are humans too.

That’s is also what happened with America Ferrers. Throughout her career, her weight has never been consistent. She would appear fat and chubby in one movie and then look slim and weak in the next one. Later on, Ferrera was suffering from mental distress, which caused her to gain a lot more weight.

A mix of no exercise and an unhealthy diet caused her to gain about 30 pounds in no time. Then something changed, Ferrer welcomed a baby boy. After her son was born, she changed her attitude towards her mental as well as physical health.

With some help and motivation from a co-star, Ferrera started her weight loss journey and achieved the new sexy body that became a trending topic on social media.

Since we are talking about the role of a co-star, we would also mention one thing that had no role in her transformation; surgeries. Whenever we see a celebrity transformation, the first thought is always surgery, and it’s never really the case. So, instead of shaming someone based on rumors, we should appreciate their hard work and dedication.

America Ferrera Diet Plan

Most celebrities don’t share a lot about their diet plan, but Ferrera has always been very open about her whole weight loss journey. In answer to a question, Ferrera was quite clear that dieting alone was no help.

So, instead of making too many changes to her diet, she integrated workout sessions into her daily routine.

As for her diet, Ferrera has disclosed the following.

  • Never skip breakfast. Eat some vegetables and fresh fruits and drink fresh juices as our breakfast to keep your energy levels high for the whole day.
  • She openly talked about how she suffers from a slow metabolism which was a primary reason for her 30-pound weight gain. So, she uses all-natural metabolism booster pills too. But she always insists on all-natural and advises against supplements.
  • Lastly, Ferrera makes sure to consume a lot of proteins daily, and she drinks a lot of water throughout the day. Drinking water also helps a lot with metabolism, and it makes you feel full even if you are hungry.

So if we were to summarize America Ferrera’s diet plan, it’s mostly about drinking a lot of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and focusing on proteins.

However, she openly admitted that diet alone wasn’t good enough for her, so she also started an intense workout routine.

America Ferrera Workout Routine

Video: YouTube/TED
America Ferrera has always been a poster girl for body acceptance and body positivity. You can find multiple clips of her online preaching that being happy with your body is very important.

To feel beautiful, you need to accept your body first. So, when she decided to lose weight, she was scared of being labeled a hypocrite. However, thanks to her then-boyfriend and now-husband, she was able to overcome this fear.

But, her workout regime was totally different from what you would expect from a TV and Movie star. Instead of gymming or yoga, she chose Triathlons. Yes, Triathlons where she would first swim for about a mile, then ride a bike for 25 miles, and finish up with a 6-mile run.

She ran her first triathlon back in November 2016, and the training for this triathlon was what helped her lose over 30 pounds. Next year, in 2017, America Ferrera participated again in the triathlon with her husband.

After that, she hasn’t run another triathlon, but she continues to follow the intense training and workout regimes. But, she did stop everything in 2018, when she became pregnant with her first child.

After the birth of her son, Sebastian Piers Williams, she didn’t wait too long to go back to her workout routine. She said in an interview, “I wasn’t worried about losing my shape as much as I was worried about losing the strength and motivations to train for a triathlon.”

So, she gradually got back to her triathlete shape before she got pregnant for a second time. Nowadays, she just focuses on her firstborn and her second pregnancy.

America Ferrera’s Psychological Struggles

She wasn’t always sure whether she wanted a fit and sexy body or not, mainly because she was successful. Her acting talents were enough to help her make a name for herself, and she didn’t want to be sexualized or objectified.

But, as she matured, she realized that being physically fit was not a choice. When she realized that she was too overweight, she was able to find the motivation to lose about 30 pounds.

But, the real struggle started after the  America Ferrera weight loss journey. After the incredible transformation, she would receive a lot of compliments, but she didn’t know how to react.

She was having difficulty accepting the new bold and sexy that made her the center of attention at red carpet events. It got so hard for her that Ferrera even admitted to going to therapy.

The struggles, however, were short-lived thanks to the support of her loved ones. Once she realized that this was necessary to lead a better life, Ferrera was able to accept her new image and got much more comfortable in her body, just like she was all those years back. She recently said in an interview, “Take time to figure yourself out. Find your talents and purpose of life and stop worrying about how your butt looks”.

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We hope America Ferrera’s journey to weight loss inspires you. It’s a journey of struggle, acceptance, and positive change. If you have the right attitude, and support from your loved ones, it’s not difficult.

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