Weight LossDascha Polanco Weight Loss Journey | Diet & Workout

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Journey | Diet & Workout [2024]

Dascha Polanco weight loss journey is truly remarkable. Overcoming struggles with body acceptance and societal pressures, she transformed herself through determination and a changed mindset. Her journey goes beyond personal achievement; she inspires others to love themselves and maintain high self-esteem. Dascha emphasizes the importance of mindset, persistence and self-determination in achieving any goal. Despite being a mother of two, she serves as a shining example of what can be accomplished. Explore the secrets of Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Journey for invaluable tips on your own path to a healthier lifestyle.

Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Journey

The long-term journey of Dascha Polanco is obvious through her striking transformation. Her fans and critics are in admiration and awe at her change. The weight loss journey has never been easy for anyone and Dasch Polanco also went through a lot to achieve her goal.

She was never satisfied with the way her body looked like and she had trouble accepting her physique. Because she always cared about what people will think of her appearance and that made her anxious always.The first step towards every starts with changing your mindset. So she decided to be the best version of herself and started her journey of weight loss.

She has managed to lose a lot of pounds and stunned the whole world. Not only this, but she has decided to share her journey with the rest of the world by teaching women to love themselves and keep their esteem high. She also advises the girls about weight loss. According to her, the key to weight loss is mindset persistence and self-determination. One can achieve anything when the mindset has changed. And Dascha Polanco has proved that. She managed to lose the stubborn fat even after being the mother of two kids.

Her weight loss journey is exceptional and let’s look into the secrets of Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Journey. If you are also a weight loss enthusiast then these tips are going to help you a lot.

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 Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Diet

Diet is the key to weight loss and it is a crucial aspect that must be taken care of. Dascha Polanco also asserts the importance of diet as she says that she used to consume juices all day long.

Because juices are an instant source of energy and enriched with multiple nutrients thus they speed up the weight loss process. She also says that sometimes when she was tired of all the diet stuff then she used to eat mixed food. You can have a bit of fun food once in a while during dieting, She said about her diet.

The most important thing is to always eat after you work out. So after I am done with a workout I have a grilled chicken with vegetables.

According to Polanco, her day started as early as 6 AM, and having a rigorous life routine helps in a steady weight loss. Her breakfast only consisted of egg whites and a protein shake.

But to savor the taste, she had Dominican food sometimes which included boiled root vegetables, yucca, yams, and others for breakfast. Her comfort food consisted of marshmallows in cornflakes, toasted bread with condensed milk, and other sweets. She says that she avoided all the fatty and fried food and focused on the things that trigger fat burning. Because fat loss is more crucial than weight loss.

 Dascha Polanco’s Workouts

Dascha says that working out was her favorite part as she likes to sweat. Sweating is a sign of health and fitness and causes fat burn that is why she tried hard to make her body sweat. Her workout frequency during a week ranges between five times to seven times. This workout ensures that she stays in shape.

Though she believes in following your heart and does not strictly adhere to a schedule of workouts. But she does all kinds of intense exercises like the Stairmaster, cardio, and squatting as well.

She defines wellness as something linked to your emotional state and not just your physical state. Her boyfriend has been super supportive during her weight loss journey and he used to help during a workout.

As he is in perfect shape he used to be there as an encouraging role model for her. He also acted as his trainer in the meantime. The support she got from me was tremendous.

She also tells about relapses in her journey when she did not find any will in her to do the workouts. Sometimes the only thing she managed to do was work out thrice a week.

But she always managed to recover from such phases and get back to the gym. The continuity of her journey made her effort for weight loss a successful one.

Then and Now



Polanco struggled to find love for themselves.

Polanco said,

I could not find self-love. I always thought that self-love would come from outside. But I was wrong.”

How does Dascha Polanco stay slim?

Dascha Polanco is a mother of two and the body does not stay the same. So it was difficult for Dascha to lose the fat and maintain the shape of her body.

Plus the responsibilities of motherhood were also difficult to manage along with the routine of workouts.  But her weight loss is inspiring for all the mothers out there. She has made it clear that you can lose weight at any stage of your life.

Who is Dasha Polanco?

Dascha Polanco was born in the Dominican Republic. Dascha Polanco is an actress hailing from the Dominican Republic but working in America now.

Lately, her physique started to change and it is obvious now that she has gone through a complete transformation. She has lost a lot of weight and changed her physique. So let’s find out about Dascha Polanco’s weight loss secrets.

Dascha Polanco’s Early Life & Career

Polanco aspired to be an actress since she was just a child. She always worried when it came to her weight. This made her think about it when her fiancé encouraged her to pursue acting and paid for her registration with an acting studio as a gift, and this act forced her to fulfill her dream, she said about herself.

A lot of my life as a young adult has been influenced by how people will accept me or feeling that I am not enough to accomplish certain things because of how I look.

I was very fearful of going out on auditions and being told, ‘well you have to lose weight your hair is curly.

Her turning point of the career when In 2012 Polanco was cast was the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” as Dayanara “Daya Diaz” Dascha rose to fame and won thousands of hearts with her role.

She says that she was afraid of the changes the directors might require from her. This fear always triggered second thoughts about pursuing acting as a career. Before getting cased in the blockbuster Netflix series, she worked as a nurse as well.

Dascha Polanco’s Kids

Dascha Yolaine Polanco is a Dominican actress who has been in the Movie and TV industry for quite some time. But, she only recently became a household name after her extraordinary work in the hit series “Orange Is The New Black.”

The most inspiring thing about Dascha’s journey is how she became a mother at just 17 years of age but still didn’t give up on her dream of becoming an actress.

Her daughter, Dasany Kristal Gonzalez, is 18 years old and her son, Aryam, is 11 years old. Her daughter also worked with her on “Orange Is The New Black.” On the other hand, her son is yet to make his on-screen debut.

Dascha Polanco’s Message

Dascha delivers a message of self-love and self-acceptance to all the people who are struggling with weight loss. She says that she has struggled with loving herself and social acceptability.

The mental chaos also affects health so one needs to accept herself to restore peace of mind. The rest of the journey lies in self-love. So consider your wellness before everything.

She says that she finds wellness and positivity in things around her. The secret of wellness lies in positivity and spiritual peace. These two things will restore your mental peace as well as aiding through the weight loss journey.


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How much weight did she lose?

Dascha Polanco isn’t sharing her weight loss numbers yet, but an excellent estimate is that she’s lost between 30 and 40 pounds.

Dascha Polanco’s Weight And Height

The Famous (Orange is the new black) Dominican actress Dascha Polanco Weight is 68 kgs with an ideal height of Height 5ft 5 inch which is (1.65 m).

Final Words

Weight loss is not hard at all and the transformation Dascha Polanco has made it clear. Her secrets are easy to follow and encouraging for everyone trying to lose weight.

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