Weight LossHow to lose 15 pounds in a month without exercise

How to lose 15 pounds in a month without exercise

In today’s world, everyone wants to have a healthy body weight. Maintaining a body weight becomes the top priority for most of us.

But we are so busy with our routine that we can’t take out time for exercise or workouts.

Exercising becomes difficult for most people as it demands hard work, a proper time frame, and consistency.

Keeping all these things in concern, you may search for how to lose 15 pounds in a month without exercise.

So if you are looking for something magical that loses your weight without vigorous struggle then this article is for you. Let’s discuss

The tips and methods to lose weight effectively.

Chew the food completely

To avoid overeating, the easiest way to stop yourself is to eat slowly and thoroughly. It will reduce the amount of food consumed and the portion size on the plate if you chew everything thoroughly.

Slow eating will make your stomach feel fuller. The brain takes at least 30 minutes for the brain to determine that you have eaten enough.

Research shows that people who eat fast food tend to gain weight. Your body weight is affected by how long it takes to finish a meal. To avoid becoming obese, eat the food slowly.

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Increase the intake of protein

Protein plays an effective role to control hunger. Take a meal that is rich in protein like eggs, seafood, almonds, and chicken breast.

It will help your stomach to stay full for a long time and you will not experience a lot of appetites.

Increasing the protein diet from 15%-30% will leads you to lose weight successfully without following any strict diet plan.

This method also reduces calorie intake which is responsible for weight gain.

Drink plenty of water

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.” ~ Kevin R. Stone

Water is the premier part of our lives. Drinking plenty of water daily helps to reduce weight magically.

People who drink a half-liter of water 30 minutes before meal experience less hunger and meal intake. Try to drink more water not only before a meal but also for the rest of the day to lose weight effortlessly.

Avoid unhealthy food

unhealthy food

Junk foods have a lot of calories and fats which leads to weight gain. Try to avoid such unhealthy food by keeping them out of sight.

People who make healthy food at the center of their fridges and counters are less likely to gain weight.

Keep the unhealthy food like sugary drinks, snacks, and bakery items in a cupboard so you less interact with them. According to the study, physicians suggest that keep the kitchen counter clear of all food except fruits for weight loss.

Eat fiber-rich food

Fiber-rich foods like beans, oat cereal, oranges, and flaxseeds fill up your stomach for a long time. You are less likely to experience hunger and stay full longer.

Viscous fibers take more time to digest when they are mixed with fluid due to their thick consistency. People also use the supplement glucomannan which is rich in fiber to avoid weight gain.


Avoid stress and sleeplessness

Many people don’t think of sleep as important for their health. Sleep deprivation can cause many illnesses like stress, type 2 diabetes, and overweight.

Sleep deprivation is the main reason for weight gain. This is because when you are sleeping less the hormones that regulate appetite are altered and you are more hungry for food. Make sure you get enough sleep and stay clear of stress for the first 30 days of your weight loss program to achieve greater results.

Stop taking sugary drinks

Elimination of sugary drinks is considered the worst ingredient not only for weight loss but also to maintain good health.

An added sugar as the main ingredient in beverages has an excess of calories, cause diseases like obesity and diabetes.

So stay away from all the beverages including fruit juices as they also have sugar to avoid weight gain. You can add green tea and black coffee as healthy potation to your diet.

Use smaller plates

Serve food to yourself on small plates to avoid overeating. When you fill small plates, the food quantity will look greater accordingly.

In this way, you are less likely to eat food and avoid weight gain. According to a study, large plates increased the calorie intake by 30% normally.

But if you are eating healthy food then put them on bigger plates for the maximum benefits. In short, use the size plate according to the food type you are taking.

weight loss

7 things to consider while doing a one-month weight loss challenge

  1. Balance your calories carefully. Don’t take too much or too few calories.
  2. Try to have food that contains fewer carbohydrates.
  3. Don’t be panic if you don’t lose weight at the targeted time. Just keep going on your way.
  4. Don’t follow a schedule of one-month challenges strictly if you feel weak. Extend your time from 4 to 6 weeks for effective weight loss.
  5. Eat your meal without electronic distractions like watching a movie or using a mobile. This will help you to eat food with full attention and you will eat less.
  6. If you crave unhealthy food, use red plates instead of white or blue. It is because the red color reduces junk food intake.
  7. Don’t check your weight and calories frequently in the weight loss challenge.

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Is it possible to lose 15 pounds in a month?

Nothing is impossible if it is done with full enthusiasm and devotion. If you have a desire and strong dedication to achieving your goal, nothing can stop you.

Losing 15lbs in a month becomes quite practical if you challenge yourself.

Whenever you feel down in 30 days of your journey, ask yourself the purpose of starting this challenge. This will help you enough to take your motivational level to an extent.

Practical thinking is much better than negative thinking, and remember only positive thinkers can lead towards their desired goals.

Don’t let the small things of your routine distract you from your schedule. So losing 15lbs in a month is all about motivation, inspiration, and consistency.

How many calories do you need to take?

Calories intake consideration is the first thing that pop-up in your mind when you begin with a challenge.

Keeping the track of calories can be confusing. So let me make it easier for you.

Losing 15lbs weight in a month means burning 52,500 calories in a single month. It means you need to burn a maximum of 1750 calories in a single day.

If you want to calculate how many calories exactly you need to burn in a day then calculate BMR.

What should you do to try unsteady fasting?

Unsteady fasting is the efficient tip for weight loss. If you are looking for fasting to lose 15lbs in a month then these three methods of fasting you can try.

First method: In this, you restrict yourself from eating for 16 hours. You skip breakfast and will not eat anything from 9 pm to 1 pm.

Second method:  In this, you fast for 24 hours. It means if you are done with breakfast, you will not eat anything for the next 24 hours. This fasting is done only once a week for weight loss.

Third method: in this, you will not restrict yourself from eating. You just have to take only 500-600 calories for two consecutive days in a week.

What should you eat if you feel hungry between meals?

At the beginning of the one-month weight loss journey, you may feel hungry.

It is because your body is not used to stay long in between meals. In this situation, you can have healthy snacking like nuts, granola which is rich in protein and fiber.

Is it realistic to lose 15 pounds in 30 days?

Commitment to your plan is the first thing to make your dream of losing 15lbs in a month. Take good healthy food with low calories and you will lose weight.

Is walking helps in reducing weight?

Walking is a light exercise that helps you to burn 180-220 calories in 30 minutes. If you can’t manage time for walking then add little habits to your routine. For example, take stairs instead of the elevator at the workplace, take a round of house while teeth brushing.


We will answer all your questions about how to lose 15 lbs in a month with no exercise. These tips and methods have been thoroughly researched and are safe for your health.

If you are looking to lose 15 pounds within a month, follow these steps. Leave feedback and comments below. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.



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