Weight LossVictor Blackwell Weight Loss Journey – Diet And Workout Plan

Victor Blackwell Weight Loss Journey – Diet And Workout Plan

Victor Blackwell is a well-renowned News Anchor who presents CNN Newsroom and New Day Weekend. His professional life is well documented, but today we’ll discuss his personal life. If you’ve been wondering about Victor Blackwell weight loss, you’ve come to the right place.

After some old photos emerged of him online, fans have been asking questions about Victor Blackwell’s weight loss. The lean and fit man we see every day on CNN now was borderline obese at one point in his life. However, he decided to make some changes and turn his life around.

Victor Blackwell is now an award-winning journalist, TV correspondent, and News reporter. But, much like others in the news industry, Victor had humble beginnings. His journey started with the Community Times newspaper. Soon, he broke into TV and became the first-ever black lead anchor at WPBF 25 News. Victor joined CNN in 2012, and he’s been a prominent figure at the news network ever since.

The Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding News Analysis is now the co-host of CNN Newsroom and continues to provide expert analysis on critical national and international matters. But today, we’re focusing on one of his personal achievements.

Victor Blackwell Weight Loss – Natural or Surgical?

Victor Blackwell’s weight loss has raised a lot of questions. Fans ask for his diet plan and his workout routine, but the truth is that Victor’s weight loss was due to surgery.

In 2007, Victor Blackwell underwent laparoscopic gastric banding, which helped in significant weight loss. During the procedure, a portion of the stomach is removed, and a smaller, sleeve-shaped stomach pouch is created next to the stomach. This reduction in stomach size creates a feeling of fullness with smaller portions.

The surgery also removes the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone ghrelin, which helps reduce appetite. By altering the stomach’s size and hormonal balance, laparoscopic gastric surgery aims to assist individuals in achieving weight loss and improving their overall health.

Thanks to this surgery, Victor shed 130 lbs of excess weight from his body. Losing that much weight with diet and exercise would take years of hard work and dedication. But thanks to the surgery, Victor turned his life around and got rid of his health problems within a few days.

What Diet And Exercise Did Victor Blackwell Follow?

Fans are always eager to know more details about the diet plans and workouts of their favorite personalities. And the physical transformation of Victor Blackwell has fans intrigued as well. However, since Victor Blackwell hasn’t talked about his weight loss openly and the majority of the weight he lost was because of the surgery, there are no details known about the diet plan he follows or the exercises he does.

That said, looking at his age and his physical appearance, it is certain that Victor Blackwell has follows a proper diet plan to stay active all day and does regular workouts to stay in the best shape possible. As soon as he shares some details, you can be sure to find them right here.

Who Is Victor Blackwell?

Victor Blackwell is an American journalist and news anchor known for his work at CNN (Cable News Network). Born on November 25, 1981, in Baltimore, Maryland, Blackwell established himself as a prominent figure in the field of journalism.

Blackwell earned his Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University’s School of Communications. He began his career in broadcasting as an intern at WHUT-TV, a public television station affiliated with Howard University. From there, he went on to work as a reporter and anchor at various local news stations, gaining valuable experience in the industry.

In 2012, Blackwell joined CNN as a correspondent based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Blackwell has been recognized for his exceptional reporting and received several accolades throughout his career. In 2013, he was honored with the Journalist of the Year award by the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. He has also received an Emmy Award for his reporting.

One notable aspect of Blackwell’s career is his involvement in hosting and anchoring CNN’s weekend morning program called “New Day Weekend.”

Where Is CNN’s Victor Blackwell Now?

As per CNN Profiles, Victor Blackwell is still a CNN Anchor and Correspondent, but he no longer co-hosts CNN Newsroom. As of writing this article, Victor Blackwell now co-hosts This Morning Weekends with Amara Walker in Atlanta.

Victor joined This Morning Weekends on 25 March 2023 and announced that he’ll continue this gig for the foreseeable future.

Victor Blackwell’s Wife, Kids, Net Worth & More!

Victor Blackwell is an unmarried man and has no spouse. He rarely talks about his love life. No one knows anything about his partner, or even if he has a partner. One certain thing is that he will never have a wife because Victor Blackwell is gay. Victor Blackwell came out as a homosexual during a live show on CNN.

Despite not being a family man, Victor Blackwell is the legal guardian of two children as he godfathers a godson and a goddaughter. With over a decade of affiliation with CNN, it’s no surprise that Victor is a millionaire. He reportedly has a net worth of $1 million. Victor Blackwell is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs almost 199 lbs.


That concludes our in-depth look at Victor Blackwell’s weight loss story. Now you know how much weight he lost and how did he lose it. Moreover, we’ve shared other information about Victor’s personal and professional life that his fans want to know about. Stay tuned for more similar articles on your favorite celebrities.

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