Weight LossSteve Gonsalves Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Steve Gonsalves Weight Loss | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Who Is Steve Gonsalves?

A paranormal investigator born and bred in America, Steve Gonsalves was an integral part of Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters ran from 2004 to 2016 and was one of the longest paranormal activity-based reality TV shows.

The SyFy series helped Steve achieve stardom, but it also helped him realize his childhood dream of becoming a ghost hunter. He was always interested in the paranormal, and Steve got more and more curious which each passing day. He developed The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) along with his friends and colleagues James Haves and Grant Wilson.

It was the success of TAPS that led SyFy to produce Ghost Hunters.
After 11 seasons, SyFy shut down Ghost Hunters. Now, Steve mostly does solo ghost hunting, including documentaries.

However, today we won’t be going into depths about his on-screen achievements. Today we are here to talk about the Steve Gonsalves weight loss journey. There’s been no official confirmation from Steve himself, but one look at the before and after pictures, and you can tell he has definitely lost some weight.

It’s so obvious that fans have started speculating whether he underwent weight-loss surgery. Turns out it wasn’t that quick and easy for Steve. He publicly asked for exercises that would help him lose weight on his Twitter and then made a lot of changes to his diet to shed the extra pounds. So, let’s take a closer look at Steve Gonsalves’ weight loss story.

Steve Gonsalves Weight Loss Story

The Steve Gonsalves weight loss journey began way back in 2010. No one has any idea what motivated Steve to embark on this journey of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, but we are happy he did. The ghostbuster has quite a fan following on social media, and sending the message of health and fitness is great.

We just wish he was a little more open about his journey so fans can follow his routine and transform their life around too. Still, there is quite some information in the open, and we are going to share that with you today.

Steve Gonsalves Diet Plan

When it comes to the diet plan, Steve made a highly significant change to kick start his weight loss journey. He abandoned sugar. Steve loves desserts, but it’s a sacrifice he was willing to make to lose weight. This 2013 tweet confirms that Steve followed a sugar-free diet that slowly but surely helped him lose all the excess weight.

One more thing that we know about Steve’s diet plan is that it is quite similar to the Atkins diet.
That’s the only public thing about Steve’s diet plan. For deep insights, you should take a look at Steve’s first book of a 10-Volume series, Steve Gonsalves Weight Loss Story: The First Step To Success.

Steve Gonsalves Workout Routine

Look at any celebrity weight loss journey, and you can see that there’s no way to lose weight without a proper and regular workout routine. Whether it’s as simple as daily running or an intense sparring session, a workout routine will speed up your weight loss process.

Workout plays an important part in the Steve Gonsalves weight loss journey too. To get into the groove, Steve started running. Then he joined a gym which he hated but still went to regularly because he wanted to be healthy and happy.
During an AMA session, a fan asked Steve ‘How Did You Lose Weight?

His answer was, ‘The best exercise to burn calories is to walk- because it is a great cardiovascular workout.’ He said he managed to lose about a pound few days before his birthday party just by walking everywhere.

You can see that Steve didn’t do anything over the top to lose his weight. He dumped sugar and started walking and running as much as he could. Maybe that’s why Steve’s transformation took so long. He started his weight loss journey way back in 2010, and the results became visible only in 2013.

Before & After

Steve Gonsalves

Did Steve Gonsalves Have A Weight Loss Surgery?

There’s no proper answer to this question. Every time someone famous shreds weight, people are quick to accuse them of surgery. Sometimes it is true- sometimes not. The only certain thing is that no one likes to admit to undergoing surgery as it can put a dent in their public image.

In the case of Steve Gonsalves, we strongly believe that he didn’t undergo any weight loss surgery. We say that because of the timeline of his weight loss. There was no sudden drop in his weight. It took him almost FIVE years to reach his current physique.

We feel the accusations originated because Steve hasn’t shared any sort of details about his workout routines or diet plans. A few bits on social media platforms are all we know about the Steve Gonsalves weight loss journey.

What Next For Steve Gonsalves?

Video: YouTube/Talkulture
Steve’s reason for fame, Ghost Hunters, is making a comeback on A&E, but without Steve and any other OG hunters. Meanwhile, Steve has been hard at work traveling across the States delivering talks and speeches on paranormal activities.

He will soon be competing with A&E’s Ghost Hunter with his solo endeavor. He, along with Hawes and Dave Tange, will be streamlining Ghost Nation on the Travel Channel. Considering the experience of these three and the traveling format of the show, we certainly think it will be worth watching and tough competition to Ghost Hunter.

Parallel to his show, Steve is also writing his life story and will be releasing TEN volumes, one at a time. Volume 1 has already hit the shelves at major bookstores, so you can check that out too. That is an interesting read, to say the least.

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Steve has worked hard to get back on a healthy track. The best part is that he has managed to maintain his new physique and hasn’t reverted to his old ways. With a busy schedule ahead, the fitness will really help Steve stay sharp for ghost hunting.

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