Weight LossJamie Kern Lima Weight Loss - The Motivational Transformation

Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss – The Motivational Transformation

If you’ve never heard of Jamie Kern Lima, now is the time you learn about her weight loss. She came from humble beginnings and had to overcome several obstacles to achieve the success she now enjoys. Her attempt to obtain financing while still conducting her business out of her living room was one convincing example.

Her impressive resume includes a Columbia University graduation and co-founding (and CEO) of IT Cosmetics. She has been named in Forbes Magazine’s “Most Successful Self-Made Women” and named by Goldman Sachs as “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs.”

Jamie came into the limelight after selling her cosmetics company to L’Oréal for $1.2 billion last year. She was recently recognized for her achievements at the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Achiever Awards.

Aside from the successful IT Cosmetics, she has been making headlines for something else. We are talking about the Jamie Kern Lima weight loss story. Jamie has recently undergone a sensational weight loss transformation that’s turning heads in the makeup industry. And it all started when an investor said something to Jamie Kern Lima.

When Did The Jamie Kern Lima Weight Loss Journey Start?

Jamie was busy expanding her business. Jamie had no time to focus on herself. In the business field, critics talked about her being overweight but she didn’t have time to solve her weight issue. With this schedule, she gains more weight. Gaining weight is so easy but reducing it is a very difficult thing for anyone.

According to Jamie, it all started when she was looking for an investor for IT Cosmetics. Jamie told in an interview that an investor rejected her by saying

“I’m just not sure women will buy makeup from someone who looks like you, you know, with your body and your weight.”

These words would crush anyone’s spirit but, Jamie found motivation. She further added that was a defining moment and she heard a voice inside her head that said “No, you are wrong.”And that’s how a rejection from a potential business investor turned Jamie’s life around.

With overweight Lima also had a major problem, a skin disease called ROSACEA. She lost her TV job because of this skin problem. Lima’s skin was not able to make up. She discusses her problem with her husband. He advised that she works for this skin problem. Now Lima has started working on it and has become a big name in the cosmetic field.

She did a lot of work on cosmetics. jamie came to hope for those people who were going through this disease. She gained a lot of fame by doing work for skin problems. she looks always confident when she talks about herself but people suggested her for weight loss. Later on, Lima started to think about her overweight.

After that, she not only started her business but also turned her physical appearance around. While Lima has always been proud of her appearance, she appears to have lost weight recently, and her followers have taken note.

How Did Jamie Kern Lima Lose Weight?

The QVC Beauty Queen has yet to speak to the media about her physical change, so there is no confirmation on how she managed to lose so much weight. And this silence from Jamie has led to plenty of speculations.

Normally, whenever there is a sudden celebrity weight loss, the public assumes the worst always. And Jamie’s case is no different. Just because she hasn’t openly talked about her diet plan or workout regimen, fans have assumed that she underwent weight-loss surgery. Everyone thinks that the sudden change in her body is due to gastric bypass surgery, also known as bariatric surgery.

Moreover, Jamie hasn’t even bothered to deny these rumors. It’s no secret that an entrepreneur of Jamie’s stature has the means to do everything. She has the money to get a bariatric bypass but she also has the resources to transform herself in an old-fashioned way – through dietary changes and strict workouts.

But, until Jamie talks about her weight loss and shares the secret,

“My weight fluctuated, and I was always getting in trouble about it from my producer. Viewers would write, ‘I like you, but you should diet.’ Or, ‘Are you pregnant?’ The criticism crushed me.”

all these assumptions and rumors hold no truth.

Jamie Kern Lima Before And After

It’s very hard for Jamie to lose weight. But she wants to look beautiful. So she achieved her goal of fitness. After losing her weight people couldn’t stop appreciating her after LIMA, ‘s magnificent look.


Jamie Kern’s before and after photos make us adore her slim body and sleek look. Jamie has made a significant change in her body. Don’t delay and make your body slimmer like Jamie. You can make a difference by setting yourself a challenge.

Just like her inspiring story of becoming a makeup mogul from a Denny\s waitress, the Jamie Kern Lima weight loss story is nothing short of inspirational. Losing this much weight in your 40s while managing a cosmetic company and then selling it to L’oreal is just as daunting as it sounds.

We wish Jamie all the best and hope that other women embrace their bodies just like Jamie did. From overcoming her hyperpigmentation to developing a billion-dollar cosmetic company and then transforming her physical appearance, the Jamie Kern Lima weight loss story is as motivational as it gets.

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