Weight LossJanet Montgomery Weight Loss - What Do her fans Think??

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss – What Do her fans Think??

Before we talk about the Janet Montgomery weight loss story, let’s take a look at how Janet Montgomery’s filmography has panned out. She hasn’t been an overnight sensation but her hard work is finally starting to pay off.

Let’s take a look at how she made her way to the lead role on New Amsterdam and then we’ll tell you all there is to know about the Janet Montgomery weight loss story.

Janet Montgomery – TV/Film History

Janet Montgomery is an English actor who has been in the industry for over 12 years now. She made her debut with a straight-to-DVD film titled, The Hills Run Red, which came out in 2009. After that, Janet appeared in the 2nd season of Human Target from 2010 to 2011. She portrayed the role of Ames, and that was her first real noticeable work.

While working on Fox’s Human Target, Janet also appeared in several movies playing minor and supporting roles. In movies like Wrong Turn, Our Idiot Brother, and the most successful of them all, Black Swan.

She finally landed a lead role in a CBS legal drama series, Made in Jersey, but it was canceled after only 8 episodes.

However, that didn’t stop Janet at all. In fact, soon, she landed one of her best roles in a supernatural/horror series titled Salem. Janet portrayed the role of Mary Sibley from 2014 to 2017.

And as if on cue, right after her journey to Salem came to an end, Janet got the role of her life. In 2018, Janet joined the new NBC medical drama New Amsterdam where she plays the role of Lauren Bloom. Janet plays the head of the Emergency Department, and she has been receiving a lot of praise from fans and critics alike for her gripping and convincing performances.

However, recently Janet has been making news for a whole different reason. Fans are speculating that Janet Montgomery has lost some pounds after noticing a change in her appearance in the latest episodes of New Amsterdam.

Let’s find out if there is any truth in these speculations.

Did Janet Montgomery Lose Weight?

Speculations about Janet’s weight loss start to catch fire after fans pointed out that she looked somewhat slimmer than usual in the latest episodes of New Amsterdam.

It is quite common for fans to question the physical appearance of their favorite characters when they return to the screen after a break. In most cases, it is true as well. The reason is the gap between the release of the different seasons of the TV series.

Usually, the first season of a new series is shot and then there is a long break before the production of the 2nd season begins. Within that gap, it is common for celebrities to undergo some weight loss due to whatever reason. And we think this is exactly what happened in the case of Janet Montgomery.

The gap between the end of season 2 and the release of season 3 has led to some changes in Janet’s physical appearance.

But did she lose a lot of weight? No. Although fans think she has shed some pounds, it is pretty evident from comparing some before and after pictures that she hasn’t really lost a lot of weight. Moreover, some fans were even concerned that she was having some health problems, which is also not true. Janet is in good health and if she was sick she would have definitely shared with her fans because she is quite active on social media.

So, to answer the question once and for all, Janet Montgomery did not lose any considerable amount of weight. The difference in her physique could be because of the regular weight fluctuation that everyone experiences.

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Before And After

Janet Montgomery Before And After


The Janet Montogomery weight loss speculations spread like a storm all over the internet after New Amsterdam Season 3 was released. However if you would examine the pictures, you can also conclude that her weight loss isn’t that major.

If anything, Janet regularly works out at the gym and we think the reason for her leaner body is that she is building muscles. In the end, we just want to wish Janet the best of luck in all her ventures and we also wish her the best of health.

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