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Sunny Anderson Weight Loss Transformation – Diet & Workouts [2024]

I want to write something about readers who give precious time to my articles. These people who read weight loss stories of celebrities, want to reduce themself by the inspiration of their favorite celebrities Sunny Anderson is a celebrity who had great motivation for these types of guys. Now come to the topic.

Has the celebrity chef from the United States lost weight? People are curious about Sunny Anderson’s weight loss, diet, and workout routine. And luckily, Sunny has recently opened up about how she achieved a new and healthier body. Read on for more information about her weight reduction, diet, workout, and other specifics. But first, let’s take a closer look at,

Who Sunny Anderson is?

Sunny Anderson, 46, is a reality TV star/ celebrity chef who became famous after she joined the Food Network. She joined in 2008 as a host of the show Cooking for Real. Since July 2008, she has also been a host on How’d That Get On My Plate? She previously also worked as a co-host on the Food Network show Gotta Get It with Marc Istook.

So, it’s safe to say that the Food Network has played a huge role in Sunny’s life.

Recently Sunny has been receiving a lot of praise for her incredible weight loss journey. However, everyone knows it hasn’t been easy. Let’s take a closer look at the Sunny Anderson weight loss story.

Sunny Anderson Weight Loss – How Did It Begin?

Anderson’s life as a celebrity chef hasn’t always been champagne and caviar – the co-host of Food Network’s “The Kitchen” recently spoke with Everyday Health on how she balances a career in food with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. Anderson’s disease has made her more conscious of what she puts in her body and what she avoids.

And these careful choices have helped her lose some weight, as is evident from her recent pictures. But, Sunny had found the motivation well before she was diagnosed with UC. In a Facebook post back in 2015, Sunny shared the reasons why she decided to lose weight.

  1. My doctor said at 5’5″ and 200+ lbs, I was “OBESE.” Guys called me “thick,” but my doc said no, “OBESE.” I walked around for weeks telling people I was obese, to their shock, but you couldn’t argue with a doctor.
  2. I found myself in a plus-size store, clueless as to what all these new sizes meant. It’s like a whole other language. Was I a 2XX? 
  3. A rude stylist acting as if she was going to help dress me for an MTV gig mailed me plus-sized clothes that were too big for me.
  4. I bought a dress one month that didn’t fit the next month.
  5. Tying shoes made me breathe hard.
  6. My ankles were always swollen from the weight.
  7. I had too many pairs of jeans that “used to fit” – easily over 100 pairs.
  8. More people would say to me, “That’s ok, no one trusts a skinny cook” Meanwhile, Giada can cook her tail off, so that’s a lie.

Once she realized these things, Sunny knew exactly what she had to do. And the first thing she did was stop eating food other chefs would send her daily. She wanted to fit in her favorite jeans, so she decided to make some changes.

How Much Weight Did Sunny Anderson Lose?

After being labeled as “Obese” by her doctor, there was only one solution for Sunny, and that was to lose the extra pounds. And that’s exactly what she did. Now, people have noticed it and are curious as to how she lost weight and how much weight she lost.

Before she lost weight, Sunny used to weigh nearly 200lbs. She hasn’t shared an exact number of pounds lost, but she did mention going from size 16 to size 14. The pictures show that she must have at least lost 70 pounds.

There is no definite number of how much weight Sunny lost but the before and after pictures are enough evidence to show that she has lost a substantial amount of weight. Of course, losing this weight also helped her UC and pre-diabetic condition. So, she’s not only lost weight but also improved her health in the process.

Video: YouTube/Food Network Asia

Sunny Anderson Weight Loss Diet & Workout

She takes started with the Shred diet. Being hosting a cooking show she was offered different types of food and she didn’t refuse at first and ate it. As soon she diverges from her norms about her eating. And think that she is not a slave of food. Now she manages to refuse the food. She just takes a bite and showcases the taste of the food. She avoids eating unhealthy food. She began to change her eating habits with the help of Dr. SMITH. Sunny is determined to make a strict diet plan for shedding pounds.

Sunny weight loss is not only based on just a diet plan. Workouts is necessary for weight loss. In 2013 she began to go to the gym. Sunny did a specific workout session in the gym. And she never missed gym sessions. And I am sure the best workout is done by cardio support. She also did cardio.

Sunny, while talking about her weight loss, said this:

“It’s not just a vanity thing, it really is a health thing.”

Her main motivation was not to look good on the outside but to feel good on the inside. And the only way to do so is by inherently losing weight. Sunny has lost weight by making necessary changes to her diet and picking up a healthy and tough workout regimen. She said,

I worked very hard on a specific dream in my life and with that dream came a little weight gain. A lot of people make jokes about the ‘Food Network 10’ and I always say I’m an overachiever because I’ve done it twice! ” says the TV host.

Also said,

With ‘shred’ I realized I could have my dream and still take care of myself.

She still hasn’t shared all the details about her diet or workouts, but there is confirmation that she did not choose surgery. Instead, Sunny took the harder option, and now she is enjoying the benefits.

Before And After

Anderson’s viewers start to label her as obese, and thick. This was the turning point for Sunny. She is pre-diabetic. Sunny’s doctor told her she was obese 5’5 and had 200 pounds. People called her thick but the doctor called her obese. She can’t disprove the doctor. When she goes anywhere telling others she is unhealthy.

Sunny feels having a problem breathing while she doing simple work. She figures out that she feeds up with overeating. Her fans see her social media posts and realize that now she is with her health and well-being and also achieved her weight loss milestones.


Sunny Anderson Height And Weight

The TV anchor of 46 years old was once informed by her medical professionals that she weighed 200lbs and had 5-5 inches in length “. That was the year 2013. But, as of the date now, the weight has drastically decreased as before. While the correct number of pounds Sunny shredded was not provided precisely by the chef, the difference is noticeable.


And that’s pretty much all there is to know about the Sunny Anderson weight loss journey. It shows that naturally losing weight is the only way to ensure the results are long-lasting. And if you also feel the things Sunny felt, now’s the time to get going and start your weight loss journey.

Lastly, we want to say that we’ll update this blog as soon as Sunny shares more information about her diet plan and workout routine.

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