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Robert Costa Weight Loss Story | Diet & Workout Routine[2024]

In the present world, perfect body weight has become an essential part of our lifestyle. Everyone wishes to have an ideal trimmed body. But the variety of junk food is all around us which makes it difficult for us to lose weight.

In this situation, Robert Costa- an American journalist becomes an inspirational story for people, concerned with weight loss. He proved that nothing is impossible if you are determined and devoted to achieving something.

He served the media industry enthusiastically on one side and appeased the audience with his perfect looks on another side. And to maintain this exemplary lifestyle is not a piece of cake. In this article, we are going to talk about the Robert Costa weight loss story in detail. But before that let’s have a look at his lifestyle.

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Early life and Educational background

Name: Robert Costa
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Famous For: Journalism
Marital Status: N/A
Wife: N/A
Net worth: $1 million – $5 million
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Robert Costa was born in October 1985, in Yardley, Pennsylvania. He polished his social skills and talent for journalism in Pennsbury High School.

During his high school, he emerged as a future of journalism, when he worked for the “Bucks County Courier Times”. It was for the first time he interviewed the top musician and started his career with $50 per article.

After high school, he passed his college from the University of Notre Dame in American studies. He graduated from The University of Cambridge as a master of politics. During his university days, he took part in student TV shows and surprised the audience with his talent.

Robert Costa’s career

After completing his master’s degree, he officially started his career by joining the “Wall Street Journal” in 2010. He worked as a journalist in National Review- an American magazine, where he highlighted political, social, and cultural events skillfully.

Due to his expertise, his position was upgraded to the editor of the magazine in Washington in 2012. During that time, he also remained a part of CNBC and MSNBC as a contributor.

In 2014, he quit the National Review and joined the Washington Post, where he became a political commentator in a year. In 2013, he was named as “the most important journalist in the country” in the Republican Party in Congress.

It’s all because of his hard work and enthusiasm toward his profession. The most highlighted part of Robert’s career is the Donald Trump campaign. In which he had interviewed Trump in detail and made him notable in the country. Now, he is working as a moderator in Washington Week magazine since 2014.

Roberts’s personal life

Talking about his personal life, there is not much about his relationship. He seems to have a very private life but remains part of social media actively. He posted his pictures and comments on political issues with time. But he never posted his wife’s photos so we can’t claim that he is married yet or not.

Besides, his social life, he never talked about his relationship in an interview. As a passionate journalist, he is so determined to the work that he has not preferred to have a married life or girlfriend yet.

Robert costa’s Weight loss story

Robert Costa’s weight transformation wonders the young generation. His fans were so concerned about his weight loss journey that they questioned him on different social media accounts. In one of his interviews, he revealed the secrets of his amazing transformation. Here are the 3 factors that help him to lose weight effectively.

Robert campaign diet

A Diet plan is the first step to follow in the weight loss journey. According to Robert, he has been on a campaign diet for the last 10 years. He used to have junk food like hamburgers and seafood during his presidential campaigns.

Later on, he realized that this diet plan made him tired and sluggish. He was not able to fulfill his daily tasks as he used to do. Then he decided to quit all the junk food and completely changed her diet plan.

He started to walk every day and took black coffee with no cream and sugar. He commits himself to having a diet without junk food, sugar, and dairy products. After working consistently on this diet plan, he was able to lose weight in the proper timeframe.

Working consistently for a change with the slow pace

Consistency is the key to success in Robert Costa’s weight loss journey. In one of Roberts’s interviews, he claims that he stuck to his plan until he achieved good results.

He remained so devoted and never cheated on his plan. This commitment level to achieve something fruitful is rare because people usually get tired when they don’t see instant results. Patience is the most challenging part on the way to success.

Robert Costa mentioned that occasionally he gets exhausted from the taste of black coffee without sugar and cream. But when he understands the role of sugar and cream in weight gain, he evacuates them easily. In this way, Costa eliminated the intake of about 100 calories from his daily routine, by just quitting sugar and cream.

Costa started a walk every day 

The third thing Robert added in his weight loss journey is a simple walk daily. A daily 30-minute walk is responsible for burning 150 calories from your body. Now just think of the calories Robert loses by walking and having black coffee regularly. He abolishes about 250 calories from his body daily which means he loses about 25 pounds of weight yearly.

Walking on the other side emerges the habit of exercise in you. If you strain during the early days of your plan, start walking for 15 minutes, then exceed your walking time gradually. This not only helps in reducing weight but also keeps you fit, healthy and fresh.

You can also improve your weight by keeping small things in concern. Just like taking a round of your house while brushing your teeth and using the stairs instead of the elevator. These little habits to your routine along with walking help you a lot in weight loss.

Robert Costa Said About His Weight Loss

He said when someone asks him about his weight loss,

When I realized I was getting too tired. I woke up last year and said to myself, Why am I eating a hamburger a day?

In an interview Robert said,

“I am dependent totally on a diet and never had much exercise or any other physical activities for his weight loss program”.

According to Costa,

“You don’t need to do any kind of organized exercise program in order to lose your weight”.

Even people and co-workers asked him about the workout.

I started taking a walk a day and drinking black coffee. And ever since I committed to that, and been the better for it.

Is tiredness a sufficient reason for weight loss?

Robert Costa, a journalist is very aware of the health problems associated with being overweight. Due to obesity, he begins to feel tired. Costa can also experience muscle pains and poor physical activity. Robert is forced to embark on a weight-loss journey because of these factors.


Robert Costa sets a remarkable example in his career as well as in health. Robert Costa’s weight loss story proves nothing is impossible if done with full devotion. Give your feedback and comment below. We would love to answer your queries.


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