Weight LossTanya burr weight loss without diet plan: Secrets Revealed

Tanya burr weight loss without diet plan: Secrets Revealed

Tanya burr weight loss without diet plan

Tanya burr was born on 9 June 1989 in Norwich. She started her YouTube channel in 2009 based on make-up tutorials and fashion.

After a huge success in the field of fashion, she began making videos on baking. In 2017, she stepped in to film industry and played starred in the series “Bulletproof” and the “film Hurt by Paradise”.

When the eager fans asked her about the weight loss secret she was consistent on the fact that she never diets and said:

“I am actually so anti-diets now. And anti-trying to eat perfect and healthy all the time.”

She has also written three different books based on baking, styling, and fashion. As an actress and fashion Youtuber, she has millions of followers which praise her hard work and devotion to her career.

Tanya burr weight loss 

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As a public figure, Tanya burr gets a lot of questions about her slim and attractive look. Followers want to know the secret of how she maintains her weight while having such a hectic routine.

They anticipate her to reveal how she toned herself as she is known by beauty and fashion. As a social person, she took out time and answers the queries of fans. So let’s discuss what she divulges about her looks.

Tanya burr completely changes after her wedding. She went through an amazing transformation that you can by comparing her old photos and videos on Instagram or youtube. She doesn’t have a chubby body like she used to possess in past.


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Tanya burr weight loss without diet plan

Tanya burr weight loss without a diet plan is surprising for most of the followers. Because diet plan is the first thing that people consider for losing weight.

In many of her question-answer session, she told that she never took healthy diet session. She eats what she like burgers, snacks, and alcohol.

The star added that:

I eat all foods and alcohol, just whatever I feel like that day. My secret is not trying to diet anymore, and so then it’s so much easier, and you’re not thinking so I can’t eat that which just makes you want it more x.”

So I guess that it all in the genes may be or who else could have such a mindful body without a workout that too without a diet.  Simply wow!!

Alongside all junk food, she also likes to have healthy food. But due to her busy routine, she can’t focus on a healthy diet.

She was so occupied with her schedules that she didn’t think of losing weight. There are not hard intentions of her to lose weight.

She told that during her play Concern she used to eat ice cream or cake every day and sometimes twice a day. She clarifies to her fans that “I have not been on diet and that I want to tell people”.

Her main concern is don’t overthink about weight loss plans it will just make you depress and anxious.

How does Tanya burr lose weight?

taniya burr

People are so curious that how Tanya burr loses weight without a diet plan. She revealed the tip of exercise that she follows often to keep herself active.

She used to do intense workouts whenever she feels the need for it. There is no strict plan or schedule for doing a workout.

she replied to one of her fans about her secret to beauty as

“I have not been on a diet, that’s the biggest thing I want to tell people”. Tanya Burr answered how she lost weight in response to a fan’s query. She responded “I am actually so anti-diets now. And anti-trying to eat perfect and healthy all the time. There is no strict routine with it, there is no ‘I have to do this or ‘I have to do that. When I feel like it I will do a workout…”

She revealed that the key of her workout routine is Barry’s Bootcamp which is a high-intensity interval workout.

This camp makes it easier for her to lose weight without going through a strict diet and workout plan. She joined the Bootcamp once or twice a week.

Overthinking affect weight loss

The main theory of Tanya burr is not to overthink about the calories when she eats the entire cake. Overthinking makes you feel stressed, depress, and concerned which can create hurdles in losing weight.

Moreover, overthinking stuck you at one point and you can’t let it go easily. So, she used to be chill when she took more calories than normal.

She said: “It’s really hard, because the thing that made me lose weight was not trying, not caring, having a lot of other things to think about and focus on. I was super busy when I was doing the play“.

“I guess, in May-June time, I was just so busy and I really was not eating super-duper healthy. I love vegetables and tried to eat them, but I was eating burgers and chips, whatever.”

Overthinking decreases your metabolism rate by increasing your cortisol level. The lesser the metabolism rate more will be weight.

All these factors slow down the progress, you make to lose weight even when you observe a proper diet.

Does she use weight-loss drugs?

Some people after seeing such an amazing transformation in Tanya burr not accepting that she do all this without diet.

People think that she doesn’t reveal her diet because it might be inappropriate.

All these thoughts have one answer that she might be using weight-loss drugs because of her loose skin and unhealthy slim looks.

But there is no claim given by Tanya burr that she used weight-loss drugs to maintain her weight.

Before & After

Tanya burr

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We discussed the Tanya Burr weight loss plan without any diet. Her body and figure are naturally beautiful, so she didn’t have to struggle with her weight. She doesn’t adhere to diets or workouts like other celebrities who have lost weight.

Let me end this article by saying that every person is unique. Some people struggle to lose weight, while others lose weight by doing little things like Tanya Burr. You can lose weight by exercising and not worrying about it. Leave feedback and comments below. We are happy to answer any questions. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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