BeautyBirdman Rapper Teeth Transformation: Before And After

Birdman Rapper Teeth Transformation: Before And After [2024]

Birdman Rapper Teeth Transformation: Birdman has been on a transformational journey ever since he got into a relationship with Toni Braxton. He looks happier, gets more active on socials, and is always there for Toni Braxton. Similarly, Toni Braxton has become Birdman’s “reason to smile.”

Another great thing to come out of this relationship is Birdman rapper teeth transformation. He recently showcased a pearly white smile and got everyone talking on social media. Moreover, Birdman shared a post on Instagram saying he might get rid of his face tattoos as well. The post has since been deleted, so that might not be happening now.

But let’s focus on what has happened. Read on to find out more about the Birdman rapper’s teeth transformation, Grillz and more.

Who Is Birdman Rapper?

Born Bryan Christopher Brooks in New Orleans, Birdman is an American rapper, songwriter, and record executive. Born on February 16, 1969, Birdman is 54 years of age. He’s been dating Toni Michelle Braxton since 2016. There have been reports of a secret marriage, but no confirmation has come from any artist. Birdman also has 2 children- Bria Williams and Bryan Williams Jr.

His musical journey started back in 1988. He, along with one of his partners, would visit different nightclubs in New Orleans and try to sign up-and-coming musical talent for their record label Cash Money Records. Birdman’s record label found the rappers we now know as Lil Wayne and B.G.

Birdman Rapper teeth Grillz

After a bumpy few years for Cash Money Records, they eventually signed a deal with Universal Records for $30 million in 1998. After that, Birdman formed the Big Tymers group with Mannie Fresh. A few years later, his solo ventures began as well, and collaboration with Lil Wayne, Drake, Yung Jeezy, and other artists followed.

Birdman also ventured into some side hustles that include a clothing line and an oil business as well. As of 2023, Birdman has a net worth of over $180 million.

Birdman Rapper Teeth Before and After

Along with Lil Wayne, Birdman was one of the first rappers to have her teeth covered by extravagant gold and diamond grillz. Ever since he started recording and performing himself in groups and as a solo artist, fans only remember seeing the flashy grillz instead of a natural smile.

Birdman Rapper twitter

That’s why, when Birdman posted a selfie of him smiling with pearly white teeth on Instagram, fans were happily surprised. Gone were the gold, platinum and diamond-encrusted grillz that covered every one of his teeth. And who knew he’d have such a perfect smile underneath?

With the grillz gone, Birdman now flaunts a shiny grin. In place of the gold and diamond grillz, we now see perfectly aligned white teeth. Looking at Birdman rapper’s teeth before and after removing the grillz, he looks as different as night and day.

Birdman Rapper Grillz

While there’s nothing new about rappers having extravagant grillz for their teeth, Birdman’s grillz were a huge deal. Rappers mostly use 1 or 2 different materials in their teeth grillz. Birdman, on the other hand, had 3 of the finest jewelry materials in his grillz. According to some reports, Birdman rapper’s teeth grillz are made up of 18K White Gold, Platinum crowns, and asher-cut Diamonds.

Dimond grills

As you can guess, his heavily bejeweled grillz weren’t cheap. Reportedly, Birdman’s Grillz cost a whopping $500,000. It is also believed that he has another set of grillz worth $100,000.

Now that he has moved on from Grillz and decided to sport a natural look, who knows what’ll happen to those Grillz?


Birdman is one of those rappers who had Grillz before it was cool and became a hip-hop/rap staple. So, it’s definitely a big change, hence the big reaction from his fans. But it’s a good change, to be honest. Grillz can harm one’s dental health. The bling, if used for extensive periods, can cause corrosion in teeth.

We’ve leaked all the juicy details about your favorite celebrities and their dental problems. Check out more such articles on our website.

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