BeautyCristiano Ronaldo Teeth Transformation: A Stunning Smile

Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth Transformation: A Stunning Smile

Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth: Coming from a humble household in Madeira, Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is now known the world over for his incredible soccer skills and athleticism. However, in between years of incredible success on and off the soccer field, Cristiano Ronaldo has undergone an incredible transformation. From his facial structure to his physical transformation Cristiano Ronaldo really has come a long way from when he first landed in Manchester.

One such transformation that really improved his personality is the Cristiano Ronaldo teeth transformation. Cristiano’s smile has evolved from a more modest grin to a dazzling, confident smile that has captured the hearts of many fans.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s teeth transformation, exploring the journey that gave him his stunning smile.

Ronaldo’s Early Dental Appearance: Before & After His Teeth Transformation


From his childhood to his teenage years all the pictures reveal a far-from-perfect smile. Much like most children, Cristiano had naturally misaligned teeth. But because he comes from a modest family he didn’t have the resources to get his teeth fixed.

Looking back at his pictures from when he was a Sporting CP player you can see his misaligned teeth. There was a visible gap between his incisors and canines. Even when he first landed in the United Kingdom to sign for the mighty Manchester United, his smile was far from the gleaming one we see today.

But something had to change. Cristiano Ronaldo soon became the face of the Premier League. And no matter how confident you are you will feel conscious after seeing your misaligned teeth on the front pages of the UK’s biggest publications.

That’s when Cristiano Ronaldo’s teeth transformation journey began. With all the wealth and resources like restorative fillings at his helm, Cristiano Ronaldo experienced a long and fruitful journey of dental transformation.

Braces: The Foundation of Ronaldo’s Transformation

Perfectly aligned teeth are the first step to a perfect smile and that’s what Cristiano Ronaldo did before anything else. In 2004, Cristiano Ronaldo got braces.

Before anything else, Cristiano underwent a few orthodontic treatments and got braces to realign his teeth. With braces in place, his misaligned teeth slowly started falling back into place. But that wasn’t enough.

Teeth Whitening: Enhancing the Radiance

With the misalignment gone, it was time to add radiance to Cristiano Ronaldo’s smile. It is evident in the “before” pictures that Cristiano never had the perfectly white and radiant teeth we see now. His misaligned teeth had a yellowish hue. So, to enhance their radiance, Cristiano Ronaldo got professional teeth whitening.

In teeth whitening, a dental professional cleans your teeth with a whitening agent. Some dentists also use a clinical light or laser to speed up the whole process. This procedure has a high success rate with teeth getting multiple shades whiter in just one visit.

We don’t know how many sessions of teeth whitening Cristiano attended but looking at the color difference, we’d say he had quite a few.

Ronaldo’s Dental Implants

Although there was no confirmation from his entourage, Cristiano certainly had a dental implant put in. Looking closely at his pictures from his early Premier League days, one can see that Cristiano Ronaldo was missing an incisor. Compare that to his recent pictures and there are no missing teeth and no gaps in between.

With the dental implants, teeth whitening, and braces doing their work Cristiano’s smile was finally complete. But it still wasn’t perfect!

Dental Contouring: Perfecting the Shape

To attain that perfect white grin, Cristiano Ronaldo took it one step further and got dental contouring. Dental contouring includes two processes: Teeth Shaving and Gum Contouring.

Teeth shaving flattens all the tiny bumps we see on our teeth. Dentists use a dental drill or a diamond-coated abrasive strip to smoothen out the teeth and permanently get rid of any bumps. It is a painless procedure. That’s why it’s getting more and more common.

Gum Contouring is exactly what it sounds like. Using lasers, scalpels and radiosurgery, dentists remove excess gum tissue to give it a better, more symmetrical shape. This makes the teeth look longer, just like Cristiano Ronaldo has. Compare his before and after pictures, and it becomes evident that Ronaldo has had gum contouring.

Porcelain Veneers: The Final Touch

Rumors began that Cristiano Ronaldo had undergone another dental procedure recently. According to these rumors, Cristiano had porcelain veneers put in. However, we are yet to receive a confirmation or denial of these rumors from CR7’s team.

Veneers are another common dental cosmetic item, but they can drastically improve the outlook of the teeth. If Ronaldo has had veneers put in, it should be an inspiration for everyone that no matter your status you should never stop working on yourself.


That’s about all there is to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s teeth transformation. He’s certainly invested quite a lot of resources to get the perfect smile, and it has paid dividends. His teeth look better than ever, and it has also improved his self-confidence.

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