BeautyJeffree Star Teeth Transformation - Procedure & Cost

Jeffree Star Teeth Transformation – Procedure & Cost [2024]

Jeffree Star Teeth Transformation: A famous YouTuber, top-of-the-line makeup artist and now a successful entrepreneur, Jeffree Star has built quite a name for himself. With a cosmetic company to his name, the beauty guru has got quite a following, not just on YouTube but also on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Jeffree is constantly in the news for one thing or another. One day he’s launching some beauty product and the next day he’ll be beefing with some celebs on Twitter. Whatever you call it, Jeffree knows how to make headlines and stay on the front page.

One more thing that Jeffree constantly turns heads about is the various cosmetic surgeries he has undergone. He is very open about the various procedures he has gotten to improve his physical appearance. And today we will be discussing one such procedure.

Jeffree Star’s Teeth Problems

A very noticeable difference that fans have spotted over the years is the Jeffree Star teeth transformation. Jeffree had terrible teeth from a young age for two reasons:

  1. Jeffree has always been a sweet tooth and cannot resist sweets and desserts. At a young age, being a sweet tooth and not taking great care of his teeth resulted in disaster.
  2. Your genes play a big role in what kind of teeth you’ll get. Unfortunately, Jeffree got very bad teeth because his mom had very bad teeth.

With these two problems to tackle, Jeffree decided to splash some cash and went straight to a teeth transformation surgery. And as his picture-perfect smile suggests, the surgery has been a complete success.

Jeffree Star Teeth Transformation Surgery

Once the breaking point came, Jeffree decided to do something about the terrible teeth that he got from his mother. Well, Jeffree and his obsession with sweets played their part too. And they got so bad that Jeffree was insecure about smiling in public.

Jeffree’s friend and fellow YouTuber, Shane Dawson has released a 3-part documentary about Jeffree Star. It’s titled ‘Secret World of Jeffree Star,’ and in the documentary, Jeffree talks about the various procedures he’s undergone including dental surgery.

Video: YouTube/source: YT

‘I got every tooth in my mouth re-done. They shaved them down to little pointy teeth and then put crowns over them. It was really painful but really worth it,’ Jeffree said talking about his teeth surgery.

Here’s another crazy fact about Jeffree Star’s teeth. Jeffree now has teeth made out of zirconia crystals. These are synthesized crystals that are colorless and very hard. Of course they have been further modified to cater to Jeffree’s needs. But one thing is for sure, the fabulous smile of Jeffree Star definitely cost him a fortune.

Jeffree Star’s Teeth Before And After


Jeffree Star’s Teeth Tapping

Jeffree Star is a famous beauty influencer and entrepreneur who is known for his bold and colorful makeup products. He is also known for his unique and expensive dental work, which he revealed in a YouTube video in 2018.

According to Jeffree Star, his teeth are made from zirconia crystals which are a type of ceramic material that is very durable and resistant to stains. Zirconia crystals are often used for dental implants and crowns because they mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. Jeffree Star said that he got every tooth in his mouth re-done with zirconia crowns which involved shaving down his original teeth to little points and placing the crowns over them. He said that the process was very painful but worth it for him.

jeffree star teeth tapping

Why did Jeffree Star choose to get zirconia crowns? He explained that he was unhappy with his natural teeth which he felt were too small and yellow. He also said that he wanted to have a perfect smile that matched his glamorous lifestyle and personality.

He said that he spent over $100,000 on his dental makeover which he considers an investment in himself and his brand. He also said that he loves the sound of his teeth tapping together which he often does in his videos.

Jeffree Star’s teeth are certainly eye-catching and distinctive but they are not for everyone. Zirconia crowns are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance and care. They can also cause sensitivity, inflammation and damage to the natural teeth and gums.

How Much Did The Jeffree Star Teeth Surgery Cost?

Although Jeffree didn’t talk about the exact number, a surgery like this is not cheap at all. First, they had to shave down Jeffree’s original teeth which is a long and painful session. Then came the zirconia crystals that aren’t exactly cheap, to begin with.

Then to treat the crystals further, beat them into the right shape, and bring out the right color on these colorless crystals must have cost a lot.

As per an estimate, the Jeffree Star teeth surgery costs somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000. But someone who’s making bags of cash from various income streams won’t worry about this bill.


And that’s all there is to know about the Jeffree Star teeth surgery. It was definitely expensive and painful but Jeffree now is more confident and secure about his smile than he has ever been in his whole life.


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