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Laura Geller Weight Loss Journey – How Did Laura Lose The Baby Fat?

Laura Geller is a household name and a legend of the makeup industry thanks to her two-decades-long career as a professional makeup artist and a regular on QVC. She even has her own makeup brand ‘Laura Geller’ which produces safe and good-looking makeup for women of all ages.

Laura is a true veteran of the makeup industry, which is why she was able to develop a foothold in the makeup market with a completely new brand so quickly. Women of all ages and colors love her makeup. Laura said the following about her revolutionary makeup line:

We want to increase the visibility of women of a certain age and bring them into the spotlight, right where they deserve to be.

Laura said this when her brand announced that they will only be employing models over 40 years of age- a revolutionary and bold step that’s worked out quite well for Laura.

But today, we are going to talk about another change Laura has made. Fans recently noticed the Laura Geller weight loss transformation and want to know more about it. So, here’s everything we know about her weight loss journey.

How Did Laura Geller Lose Weight?

Well, Laura hasn’t exactly been open about her weight loss journey. In fact, she hasn’t uttered a word about her recent physical transformation or answered any of the questions regarding that on the QVC community chat and forums. So, in times of a pandemic, when everyone is gaining pounds while staying at home all day, how did Laura Geller lose weight?

The fans think it was due to the pandemic itself. Laura has always been a chubby woman. If you look back at her older pictures, you’ll see that she has a lot of fat around her neck and on her face. She must have picked up some sort of workout routine to keep busy during lockdowns which helped her shed that baby fat. The following exercises can help you lose face and neck fat:

  • Facial exercises.
  • Cardio
  • Neck rolls

Drinking more water, reducing alcohol, and getting a good night’s sleep every night can also help shed face and neck fat. All of these three things would have been easier to do during the pandemic, and we think Laura did so.

Laura Geller Weight Loss – Before & After


Although fans were quick to notice the change, the weight loss isn’t too drastic. If you compare the before and after pictures of Laura Geller, you’ll see that she still is quite healthy. But, because the change occurred in the most visible of areas – her face and neck – it seems like a drastic transformation.

While not drastic, it is certainly a good transformation because she now looks fresh and beautiful, more than ever.

Laura Geller Weight Loss – Fan Reactions

Fans are always quick to notice even the slightest of changes in the appearance of their favorite celebs. Similarly, in the case of Laura Geller, it was the fans who pointed out and started a community chat on QVC named Laura Geller’s weight loss. A fan pointed out Laura’s weight loss by commenting:

She is one of my favorites to watch, even if I don’t have to buy anything. Last few shows, I’ve noticed that her face and neck are markedly thinner. Good for her, Congrats Laura. I’m rooting for you.

Some fans were quick to congratulate Luara in the comments to this post, while other fans took ire from the comments. One reply said:

I think it is remarkably rude to say how much better someone looks if they have lost some weight! Trust me- it’s not a compliment. Saying those words say more than you think. It says how terrible and disgusting they looked before the weight loss. Not nice in my eyes.

One fan made quite a mature comment saying:

When I see a person who was previously heavy and has lost weight, I am happy for them. A lot of excess weight is a health hazard.

Video: YouTube/Laura Geller Beauty

If they were a close friend and we had personal conversations, I wouldn’t hesitate to say they looked good.

And we think that’s the right way to handle something like this. If someone has made an effort to look good through weight loss, there’s nothing wrong with complimenting them. It would only make them feel good and boost their confidence.


Although fans would love to know more about Laura Geller’s weight loss, we think it’s unlikely that she’ll ever openly talk about it. The reason we think that is because we feel her weight loss was a natural process. Sometimes people do exercises that can help them lose face and neck fat and sometimes people can lose weight for no apparent reason, without any diet or workouts, and we think that’s exactly what happened in Laura’s case.

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