BeautyJames Harden Teeth Transformation - What’s The Secret?

James Harden Teeth Transformation – What’s The Secret? [2024]

If you’re born with crooked and misaligned teeth, it’s not your fault because there’s a major genetic component to this. However, if you don’t do anything to fix your teeth, that’s a mistake that is yours and yours alone.

Dentistry has seen some great innovations in the past couple of years that allow people to fix their teeth without opting for any surgery. Celebrities like Cardi B, Pete Davidson, and so many more have gotten their teeth fixed with long but pain-free procedures. Another celebrity/athlete who has fixed their teeth is the professional NBA star, James Harden.

Before he got famous for his thick and well-groomed beard, James was constantly mocked for his misaligned teeth. And we aren’t talking about slight crookedness, they were miles out of place. But thankfully, James decided to do something about it.

Read on to find out everything about the James Harden teeth transformation story.

james harden teeth

The Problem With James Harden’s Teeth

As we said earlier, there is a genetic component to how our teeth grow. But once it’s in our hands, there’s no need to run around with crooked teeth. From a young age, James’ focus was on basketball. He did not care about his physical appearance, his looks, his beard and certainly not his teeth. James was never insecure about his teeth.


His upper and lower front teeth were totally misaligned. The central incisors were crooked and both the upper and lower canines were also out of place. It was very noticeable, especially with the babyface James had before he became the Bearded One.

However, you can see that there is no difference in his wide smile before and after the teeth transformation. So one thing is clear, James only fixed his teeth because he wanted to. At a young age, he did not have the money or the resources needed to do something like this. But now that he is a global basketball icon, it’s natural to feel the urge to look good.

james harden smiles

And props to James for fixing his teeth and making splashes in the NBA with that wide smile and that massive beard.

How Did James Harden Fix His Teeth?

The crown of fixing the James Harden teeth goes on the head of Invisalign. James himself confirmed in an interview that he used Invisalign retainers to fix his teeth. Invisalign allows the user to straighten out their teeth without the need for braces, something that suited James very much.

James only had to fix a couple of his teeth so he didn’t have to use Invisalign for too long. According to his interview, he only used them for a summer and his teeth were right back to their right places.

Before And After


But the truth is, depending on your crookedness, Invisalign can take up to 2 years of time to fix the teeth. But the good thing is that it’s totally pain-free, you can take off the retainers whenever you want and put them back on yourself. There is no need for a weekly visit to the dentist. And best of all, the results are long-lasting.


As for the cost, it’s not that far off from what you’ll pay for braces. However, the utility is off the charts. Using Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about the screws, damaging the wires or compromising your eating habits. You can go about your routine naturally while the 3D-printed braces work on your teeth.

The utility on offer is great, and we can say why James Harden and many more celebrities use this simple and efficient method to fix their teeth.


And there you have it, the secret of the James Harden teeth transformation laid right in front of you. Using Invisalign, James was able to fix his crooked incisors and misaligned canines. And there is nothing wrong in saying that his smile looks all the much better now.

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