BeautyLil Jon Teeth Transformation - Knocked Out Teeth, Grillz, & More!

Lil Jon Teeth Transformation – Knocked Out Teeth, Grillz, & More!

Singing, writing, acting, producing- Lil Jon does the lot. His career spans over 30 years, and he’s still going strong. Whether it’s because of his rapping or his acting, Lil Jon manages to stay in the news one way or the other. More recently, Lil Jon’s teeth transformation has been a conversational topic among his fans.

As he flashed his gold-plated, diamond-encrusted grillz on Celebrity Apprentice, fans were quick to discuss and ask questions. Well, we’re here to answer those questions. Read on to learn more about Lil Jon, his teeth, and why he needed to get grillz installed on his front teeth.

Who is Lil Jon?

Lil Jon, whose real name is Jonathan H. Smith is an American songwriter, rapper, actor, producer, and DJ. He was once a former frontman of Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz rap group and has been a prominent presence in the hip-hop space since 1991.

Lil Jon was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 17, 1971. He was only 15 years old when he taught himself how to DJ, and there was no stopping him. Just a few years later, he signed for “So So Def,” an Atlanta-based music label. In 1995, he formed Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz group with Big Sam and Lil Bo.

The group saw great success after disbanding in 2005. Lil Jon’s illustrious solo career began in 2006, and we all know how it’s all going. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lil Jon has a net worth of $30 million. Not bad for a 52-year-old who was born in a middle-class family in Georgia.

Lil Jon's Teeth

In between his musical highs and lows, Lil Jon got married. His wife’s name is Nicole, with whom he has a son named Nathan Smith, also known as DJ Young Slade.

Lil Jon’s Teeth: What’s Up With His Teeth?

Lil Jon is a successful rapper and a well-renowned DJ. But recently, he has been in the news for two very different things. One is his acting, and the other is his teeth. We’re going to talk about his teeth today.

Lil Jon is a Grammy-winning rapper and producer. On top of that, he is a popular DJ who performs all over the world. He makes sure he looks the part by maintaining a discernible style. However, one blemish in his fashion is his teeth.

It’s quite odd that with all the resources at his helm, Lil Jon didn’t get his teeth fixed. But it is what it is. He is missing his front incisors, premolars are misaligned, and a bunch of his teeth are visibly discolored.

Misalignment and discoloration aside, the most prominent of Lil Jon’s teeth problem is the missing front teeth. During a brawl, his front two teeth got knocked out. This affected his appearance and speech. However, instead of getting new teeth, Lil Jon opted for Grillz.

Lil Jon Teeth Transformation

Lil Jon Grillz: Gold & Diamonds For Teeth

With all the money and resources available to him, Lil Jon didn’t fancy a natural look for his teeth. Instead, he went for the extravagant repair options- gold and diamond-encrusted grills for his front teeth. He could have easily had crowns put in and got the celebrity smile that we all expect, but instead, he went for the shiny glimmer of gold and diamonds.

It is rumored that this grillz cost around $50,000. If that is true, it’s pretty crazy. While his grillz do hide his dental imperfections, fans have openly criticized Lil Jon’s grillz. However, some fans also approve of his flashy look, saying that it suits his public persona.

Everyone has their own views on Lil Jon’s teeth but the important thing is that Lil Jon looks happy with his flashy grillz and feels confident wearing them in public.

Lil Jon Teeth Before and After

Lil Jon’s teeth have undergone quite a lavish transformation. His once-broken front incisors were replaced with gold and diamond-encrusted teeth. That’s quite an upgrade, isn’t it?

Years back, Lil Jon lost both of his front teeth in a fight. Apparently, he wasn’t happy with the replacement teeth he got. So, he covered them with gold and diamond grillz. It’s a flashy look, to say the least.

Lil Jon grillz

Even after the transformation, some of his teeth are still misaligned, while quite a few have lost their color. Lil Jon could really improve his grin with some veneers and some teeth-whitening sessions.


That concludes this Lil Jon teeth transformation scrutiny. He has spent a huge sum of money on his grillz, and that’s one of the main reasons why fans judge him so much. But it’s his life and his money.

If you want to read more on celebrity teeth transformations, check out our other similar articles. Did you know that Tom Cruise also had crowns put in?


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