BeautyMargaret Brennan's Blinding Smile : Margaret Brennan Teeth

Margaret Brennan’s Blinding Smile : Margaret Brennan Teeth

Margaret Brennan Teeth Transformation: Viewers of CBS News’ “Face The Nation” have been following Margaret Brennan for years. They are not only invested in the debates she mediates on the show but also closely follow Margaret’s personal life. That’s why her marriage, pregnancy and anything related to Margaret Brennan becomes a trending topic so often. Recently, fans have been showing interest in Margaret Brennan’s teeth transformation.

While covering news about the Russian and Ukraine conflict, some viewers noted a difference in Margaret Brennan’s smile. And instantly, people started asking whether she’d undergone some dental procedures. If so, what did she do? Because her teeth are looking fantastic. Well, read on to find answers to all your questions.

Who Is Margaret Brennan?

Margaret Brennan is an American journalist and currently works at CBS News. She started her career at CNBC in 2002. After a 7-year stint as producer and correspondent, Margaret joined Bloomberg Television in 2009 and started hosting her own show, InBusiness With Margaret Brennan.

Then, in 2012, Margaret joined CBS News. She started as a White House Correspondent and slowly climbed the ladder to become the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent. Along with that, Margaret is the mediator of Face The Nation and occasionally fills in as a news anchor for CBS Evening News. Margaret Brennan is married to Yado Yakub, with whom she has two boys.

Margaret Brennan Teeth Before and After

Comparing the before and after pictures of Margaret Brennan’s teeth, it is clear that Margaret’s teeth haven’t changed that much. That’s mainly because Margaret has had a near-perfect smile from the beginning.

From her Bloomberg Television days, when she first appeared on our screens and headlined InBusiness with Margaret Brennan, to her recent appearances on Face The Nation, her teeth look all the same. Simply impeccable.


Even after going through a lot of her old pictures, it’s hard to find a picture where something is wrong with her teeth. All of her teeth are perfectly aligned, none of her teeth seem discolored, and there are no signs of crowns or caps.

Has She Undergone Dental Treatments?

It’s very hard to tell whether Margaret Brennan has undergone any dental procedures or not. Her teeth look exactly the same in pictures from the early days of her journalism. Moreover, she has never openly talked about getting anything done on her teeth.

On the other hand, she’s quick to share personal news with her fans. So, if she had undergone any cosmetic dentistry, I believe she would have talked about it. However, this doesn’t mean that Margaret has never visited a dentist in her life.

Considering how impeccable her teeth are, I would say she regularly visits her dentist to keep them in the best shape possible. Moreover, procedures like teeth whitening are common. TV personalities and celebrities regularly get teeth whitening to get the perfect “camera-worthy” smile.

But, if you think Margaret Brennan uses veneers or braces to align her teeth, that is highly unlikely. She’s been blessed with a natural smile, and she has maintained it well.


While a lot of people have been wondering about Margaret Brennan’s teeth, there’s nothing much to it, really. She hasn’t undergone any hefty dental procedures. Even if she has, she hasn’t discussed them openly. If she ever does, we’ll definitely update this article accordingly.

Read up about more celebrity teeth transformation stories on our website. Even Tom Cruise had to go through a lot to get the perfect smile.

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