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Cardi B Teeth Transformation – Broken To Beautiful [2024]

Before becoming an absolute rap icon, Cardi B was the face of a reality TV show called Love & Hip Hop New York. Along with the show she was an aspiring rapper who was very vocal on social media.

She would regularly post on Instagram about her fashion choices and her makeup looks. But one thing that she was quite conscious about was her teeth.

Cardi B didn’t always have the perfectly straight and white teeth we see now in her million-dollar smile. Instead, Cardi had crooked teeth with some bottom ones chipped as well. So, how did Cardi B get her teeth so perfect? Well, she spent a chunk of money and underwent quite a procedure.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Cardi B Talking About Her Teeth

Cardi B was very insecure about her imperfect teeth and being the vocal and open person she is, she was the first to talk about the change she made. In one of her first hits, Bodak Yellow, Cardi talked about how she got her teeth fixed.

‘I got a bag and fixed my teeth.’

Cardi spent a hefty amount to get her teeth fixed and she wasn’t hiding it at all. In fact, she openly talked (sang) about how she felt about her teeth before the surgery in another song, rapping:

‘Fore I fixed my teeth man, those comments used to kill me.’

After years of being insecure about her teeth, she finally got them fixed in 2017.

How Did Cardi B Fix Her Teeth?

Cardi B went to Dr. Catrise Austin of VIP Smiles. Dr. Catrise is a cosmetic dentist from New York and is very highly rated by a lot of celebrities. And looking at the Cardi B teeth transformation, there’s no doubt in her abilities.

Cardi B said this after she successfully underwent a teeth transformation:

‘If you don’t feel comfortable if you are tired of people talking about you, then go and fix it.’

Ar. Auston was also very open about the procedure and said this talking about Cardi:

‘I enjoyed servicing her. She’s fun to work with and she even allowed me to tape the entire procedure. She was so open and inspired the world to do something about their teeth if they’re unhappy.’


Cardi B Veneers Cost

The cost of Cardi B’s new smile was not cheap. Dr. Austin confirmed that Cardi B paid $12,500 for her teeth transformation in 2017. However, some sources claim that the price was higher, up to $40,000. Either way, it was a worthwhile investment for Cardi B, who rapped about it in her hit song “Bodak Yellow”: “I got a bag and fixed my teeth / Hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap”.

In an interview, her dentist also confirmed that Cardi spent a good chunk of money to get the perfect teeth we see today.  That’s a small sum for someone like Cardi B who makes bags of money every day, but not everyone can afford such a pricey procedure.

Cardi B Teeth Before And After


Cardi B Teeth Transformation

What Procedure Did Cardi B Use To Fix Her Teeth?

As revealed by Dr. Austin, Cardi went with porcelain veneers. Veneers are a revolutionary procedure that provides great results with the minimum of fuss. That’s why a majority of celebrities use veneers to fix their teeth.

Other celebrities who have used veneers include Pete Davidson and Andy Samberg. However, as you can imagine veneers aren’t cheap. If you decide to go with it, be ready to splash some cash.


Cardi B is no stranger to cosmetic changes. She has openly talked about the different procedures she has gone through to change her looks. Moreover, she continuously shut down trolls and internet bullies who try to question her decisions like undergoing teeth surgery or trying to body shame her.

We wish Cardi B all the best and hope people will stop bullying her for the person she is because her fans love her just the way she is- slightly brash but completely genuine.

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