BeautyNBA Player Anthony Davis Teeth Transformation: Before & After 2022

NBA Player Anthony Davis Teeth Transformation: Before & After 2022

Who Is Anthony Davis?

Anthony Marshon Davis Jr., aka Anthony Davis, is a professional basketball player who plays for the Laker’s in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 28-year old plays is a power forward and can also play in central positions, which is a testament to his talent. Anthony has also represented the National Basketball team of the USA in the 2012 Olympics.

However, today we are not focusing on his stellar career but his teeth transformation. So, let’s get straight to it.

Anthony Davis Teeth Transformation

If you look at some older pictures of Anthony Davis, you’ll find that he didn’t always have the perfect teeth he has now. In fact, there were plenty of problems with his teeth because he didn’t really take good care of his teeth when he was younger.

Anthony Davis teeth

He was missing an incisor (the upper-front tooth), and his lower canines were crooked too. Some of it was natural, while some problems arose due to injuries while playing in the street as a child.

Anthony Davis teeth

It was when he joined the Lakers that fans started to notice his teeth. Although Anthony didn’t really care too much, he did get a bit self-conscious reading the continuous comments on social media.

Anthony Davis

He got his upper teeth fixed at the earlier stages of his career, so now he only had to take care of the lower canines. The canines had grown in an unnatural position, so it is clear that he had proper surgery to get them back in the proper position. And just as well. When you hear comments like ‘Yuck! I hope his first paycheck goes to a dentist’ you would go straight to a dentist.

Anthony Davis Before & After Teeth Transformation




Below you can see some Before & After images of Anthony Davis’ teeth transformation. We have to compliment the dentist here because he has done a terrific job. Although Anthony has had multiple procedures, his teeth look great and natural.
Plus, he looks way more attractive with a perfect smile. These pictures also showcase how important a good smile is.


Anthony Davis’s teeth transformation caused quite a sensation over the internet, with netizens complementing the player for undergoing the necessary change. Anthony himself looks a lot more comfortable and confident while smiling now that he doesn’t have crooked and missing teeth to worry about.

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