Weight LossDoes 48 Hour Fast Works in Weight Loss

Does 48 Hour Fast Works in Weight Loss

What is a 48-hour fasting

48 hour fast is a type of intermitting fasting in which you take a pause from regular eating and drink calorie-free fluids. This fasting is common among people who wish to lose weight without going through hard struggles of diet and exercise.

Along with weight loss, it is also helpful in the improvement of cellular and insulin sensitivity. Let’s discuss in detail the 48-hour fast weight loss results and everything you should know before practicing it.

Does 48 hour fast works in weight loss

48 hour fast works in weight loss but that weight loss is temporary because you don’t burn the fat of your body. It just decreases the water level of your body and helps you to consume fewer calories.

Fewer calorie intake leads to weight loss. It is predicted that 48 hours of fast lose 0.771 pounds of weight approximately. It means if you practice a 48 hour fast 2 times a month, you will lose about 0.7 kg of weight.

The body fat will only burn if you continue to fast even after 48 hours, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight.

Which diet you should take after 48 hours fast?

Restarting your metabolism with a healthy diet after 48 hours fast is important to recover your body. Take food rich in protein and carbs like fish, egg white, dairy products, and nuts.

Drink a lot of water to revamp the water level of the body. Add fruits and vegetables in your body that contain more water and nutrient to protect yourself from dehydration and dimness. Here are some of the best foods that you can take after 48-hour fats.

Watermelon:   It is a low-calorie fruit that contains 92% weightage of water which goes best after 48 hours fast.

It increases the water level of your body efficiently with a luscious taste.


Carrot: Carrot contains 75-85% of water along with a good amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

It improves your blood quality with its hydrating properties.


Yogurt: Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium food goes best after 48 hours of fats.

It decreases the stomach fat up to 81% and helps in weight loss effectively.


Cottage cheese: It contains 80% of water along with proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

It is the most beneficial food you can eat to recover your body.

Cottage cheese

How to do 48 hours fast?

48 hour fast is tough but manageable. You only have to challenge and stop yourself from eating for two consecutive days. Commonly in 48 hours fast, people stop eating after dinner and then start eating at the same time on the second day. Here are the few things that you should keep in mind for 48 hours fast.


Try to drink zero-calorie fluids like black coffee, water, and tea.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration which is the common problem that arises due to longer fasts.

Don’t overeat after 48 hours fast as it may cause nausea, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Gradually resume your metabolism. You can take a light snack or palm of almonds to begin eating after 48 hours fast

On the very first day after 48 hours fast, maintain your eating pattern with low-calorie- foods.

You should try 16:8 or alternate-day fasting if you are a beginner. Don’t practice it on the very first attempt.

Practice 48 hours fast only once or twice a month. Consult with your doctor before practicing it as it is not suitable for everyone.

Don’t force yourself to do intermitting fasting if you feel weak and lethargic. But don’t let the fear of not eating destroy your fasting challenge.

Health benefits of 48-hour fasting 

48-hour fasting as the latest trend has numerous benefits that are well researched and documented. Fasting improves your blood pressure, brain activity, heart rate, and digestive system. Below some of the other benefits are discussed in detail.

Slow cell aging 

48-hour fasting slows cell aging and improves cellular repair which prevents problems like stress and cell death. It also prevents oxidative damage to cells and energizes your metabolism.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can be good or bad for your body. Fasting lowers inflammation and reduces the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and weight gain by decreasing oxidative stress in body cells.

Revamp your blood sugar level

Fasting improves your insulin sensitivity and deposits a good amount of glucose in the bloodstream. This will prevent you from the common diabetes-2 disease. Fasting reduces insulin level that helps to burn stored body fat.

Aid in weight loss

People usually prefer fasting for weight loss which is true. A 48 hour fast will make you consume 8000 calories per month which leads to weight loss. Fasting increase metabolic rate from 3.6-14%, it means you will burn 100-280 calories daily.

The downside of 48-hour fasting 

Although 48-hour fasting has a lot of benefits, there are some of its side effects due to which it is not suitable for everyone. Let’s discuss some of its side effects.

Starvation and faintness

The common side effect that people face in a 48-hour fast is hunger and dizziness. Due to the long-eating break, you feel lethargic. One study shows that up to 72% of people experience insomnia, starvation, and fatigue in 48 hours fast.


You feel sluggish and inactive after 24 hours because all your stored fat is burned for energy in the first 24 hours. Due to which it becomes difficult for most people to cope up with fasting. Try a short fast before 48 hours fast to avoid sluggishness.

Lower tolerance level

Fasting lowers your tolerance level and you get angry at very small things which can affect your mental health. 48 hour fast reduces your thinking power because your brain is not getting enough energy and glucose.

Bad breath 

The main reason for bad breath during a 48-hour fast is dehydration. Your mouth is not getting enough water to fight bacteria. Bacteria in your mouth hurt gums which causes bad breath. To avoid bad breath, drink plenty of water and brush twice a day.

How to overcome the side effects?

side effects


You can overcome the side effects by observing the following thing during fast.

  1. Drink water with a pinch of salt to avoid dimness and sluggishness.
  2. Use black coffee or green tea to avoid hunger.
  3. Keep yourself busy by watching a movie, reading books, and walking. It will low down the fear of not eating.


We discussed in detail the 48-hour fast weight loss results, benefits, and side effects. Let us know by commenting below if you still need to know anything about 48-hour weight loss. We are looking forward to answering your queries. Have a healthy life.


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