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Hitman Holla Teeth Transformation: Before And After [2024]

Hitman Holla Teeth Transformation: Hitman Holla has had a wonderful teeth transformation. Discoloration, misalignment, overgrown gums; Hitman Holla’s teeth had a lot of issues. Everyone at Wild ‘N Out mocked Holla for his ‘baby teeth.’ However, fans have noticed some changes recently, and everyone wants to know about Hitman Holla’s teeth transformation.

Clearly, he has had some cosmetic dentistry done but fans want the details. Did he use braces? Was it veneers? Or did he get gum contouring surgery? Considering his resources, he may have had multiple dental procedures to improve his smile. And we are going to talk about all of them in this article.

Who is Hitman Holla?

Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., is a former college athlete, an actor, and a battle rapper. He started out in the SMACK/URL circuit and later joined the hit MTV show Wild ‘N Out.

He first appeared in Wild ‘N Out during Season 6, which aired back in July 2014, and he’s been a recurring cast member ever since. After retiring from the SMACK/URL circuit, he released his first single, “Diddy Dum Dum.”

Other than the battle rap scene, Hitman Holla has also started acting in Film and TV. He debuted in Nick Cannon’s She Ball and appeared in Games People Play.

Hitman Holla is not married yet but he has a son named Geremiah Fulton. Hitman Holla has not released any information about Geremiah’s mother. Instead, he raises his boy as a single father.

Hitman Holla Teeth Before After

If you’ve been following Hitman Holla and his appearances on Wild ‘N Out, you would have noticed the changes in his teeth. The odd shapes and long gums; everything is now gone. Hitman Holla’s teeth look as good as new. And that’s all thanks to the multiple dental procedures he has gone through during the past few years.

hitman holla teeth before after

It’s perfectly common for celebrities to get their teeth fixed. In the case of Hitman Holla, the problems were quite prominent. As he got famous and started getting more on-screen work, he knew he had to do something about the teeth.

Looking at some Hitman Holla teeth before and after pictures, one can easily figure out what dental procedures he has had. We’ll talk in detail about them in the next section. After all the procedures were done, Hitman Holla finally got the perfect smile. It’s not just about the sparkly white smile. His teeth look healthier, nothing seems out of shape, and his gums no longer cover half of his teeth.

In short, Hitman Holla now has the “Hollywood Smile.”

All About Hitman Holla’s Perfect Smile

If you’re wondering how Hitman Holla got the “Hollywood Smile,” here’s everything you need to know. As mentioned earlier in the article, Hitman Holla has discolored teeth and overgrown gums. That means some of his teeth are covered by gum tissue. This made his teeth look small, which inadvertently affected his smile.

So, before he could whiten his teeth, Hitman Holla had to make his teeth bigger than his gums. The only way to do that is “Gum Contouring Surgery.” With this dental procedure, dentists fix gums that cover up too much or too little of your tooth.

While there is no confirmation from Hitman Holla, it is visible that he has had gum contouring. Before his transformation, his gum tissues covered almost half of his teeth. Be it canines, incisors, or premolars, all his teeth had overgrown gum tissue, hence the name ‘baby teeth.’

After gum contouring, he got rid of all the excess gum tissue to expose his teeth and grow his smile. This makes his teeth look bigger, and his smile shines brighter than ever. But that’s not the only procedure he’s had.

Along with appearing bigger, Hitman Holla’s teeth look whiter than ever before. That’s because he has undergone a few teeth whitening sessions.

That’s everything Hitman Holla needed to complete his teeth transformation. Unlike other celebs, he did not need braces because his teeth were not that misaligned. Neither is there any evidence of Hitman Holla using veneers.


Gum contouring and teeth whitening were enough to give Hitman Holla the “Hollywood Smile.”


After constant fun-making at Wild ‘N Out, Hitman Holla did well to transform his teeth and get a more confident smile. Much like Hitman Holla’s teeth transformation, many other celebs have used cosmetic dentistry to fix their teeth.


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