HealthFarxiga vs. Invokana: A Guide for Diabetes Patients

Farxiga vs. Invokana: A Guide for Diabetes Patients

Once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, a whirlwind of worries comes to mind. Managing blood sugar levels is critical for health, but you can’t fully get rid of the problem. The only way to live with diabetes is to keep it under control and create a healthy lifestyle. This sounds much easier than it seems, but it will influence many of your daily decisions.

One solution that doctors and scientists have come up with is insulin-balancing medications. Take a look below to learn about the most common: Farxiga vs Invokana.

How Can You Obtain Each Medication?

One thing that Farxiga and Invokana have in common is the ability to obtain them. Both medications require a prescription from the doctor. Since diabetes is a serious and complex condition, you don’t want to self-medicate. Getting professional help will allow you to get your feet back on track so conditions don’t worsen.

The first step in treating diabetes with Invokana and Farxiga is to get a blood sugar test. This will be the best way to observe how your body is reacting to fasting and certain foods. Although there are drugs similar to Invokana, this is one of the most affordable options.

After you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you must talk to your physician about treatment plans. Depending on what level of diabetes you have, you may need to involve other healthcare providers.

Purpose of the Prescriptions

Regardless of which meds you’re prescribed, they serve similar purposes. The goal of each tablet is to minimize blood sugar level fluctuations, which is a key factor for diabetes patients. Farxiga helps pull excess sugar from the body through urine. Many other type 2 diabetes prescriptions include the hormone insulin, but this option doesn’t.

Invokana also reduces sugar in the blood, but it works best when combined with exercise and diet changes. Not only does it manage diabetes, but it can also reduce the risk of death, stroke, and heart attacks.

Now that the purpose has been covered, you should know about the side effects. Patients previously prescribed Invokana have dealt with mild discomfort and kidney failure.

Farxiga reviews typically make note of back pain, nausea, and coughing. Other side effects you may experience include thrush, allergic reactions, and quick-paced breathing.

Medication Alter Egos

While comparing Tarxiga vs Invokana, you need to understand that they go by different names. Farxiga has the scientific name of Dapagliflozin. Invokana is also known as Canagliflozin. Depending on which version you’re prescribed, you can save money.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any lower-cost options available. While many other medications have generic brands, neither of these choices do. Speaking with your doctor will help you discover if new options become available.

Understand the Risks

It’s rare when you come across medications without side effects or risks, and you may notice some from these prescriptions. The most important thing to remember, however, is that many of these side effects pose less of a risk than uncontrolled blood sugar levels. If you’re taking other meds, they can also impact the effectiveness and risk of diabetes medication.

If you are pregnant, or planning to be, talk to your doctor about Invokana and Farxiga. These fall into Category C risk and can impact development. Your doctor can let you know if it’s appropriate to take these based on other health factors.

Online Ratings

Although Invokana has a slightly higher rating than Farxiga, you should still weigh out the options. People respond differently to medications and while some have adverse symptoms, others improve. Talking to your doctor and providing accurate health info will help you get paired with the right item.

Part of what makes Invokana so reputable is that the medication has been around for nearly 20 years. People with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease seem to benefit the most from Invokana.

Dosage & Quantity Comparison

If you’re hoping to decide between Farxiga vs Invokana, it helps to understand the dosages. Farxiga prescriptions include 30 pills. Each pill has 10mg of medication, which is appropriate for most diabetes patients. Invokana also includes 30 tablets, however, they have a 100mg dosage.

Although both tablets are used for similar purposes, they do have a different half-life. Farxiga lasts just under 13 hours, while Invokana is just above 13 hours. Since there’s only a 30-minute half-life difference, it’s not a huge factor when determining which to take.

If you’re already taking one of these meds, and the effects aren’t as noticeable, a change could help. Slight fluctuations in ingredients and half-lives will impact how your body reacts. These are the reasons why medication effectiveness varies among diabetes patients.

Finding the right dosage and frequency of med consumption will help you manage sugar levels.

Checking Out the Medication Costs

There’s no doubt that Farxiga is the more affordable option for the two diabetes medications. There isn’t a large difference in prices, but Farxiga is typically $20 less than Invokana. Without insurance, you can expect to pay more than $600. Unfortunately, these high costs are making it difficult for some people with diabetes to manage their symptoms.

With insurance, prices can vary but they are much more manageable. Often, people pay around $25 for their prescriptions, but it could also be fully covered. It helps to speak with your insurance company if your coverage over these medications isn’t clear.

If you’re concerned about costs, coupons and insurance can help reduce them. President Biden helped manage these costs by adding a cap on the cost of insulin. The bill aims to help millions of people gain access to healthcare.

Select Your Best Diabetes Solution Between Farxiga vs Invokana

When it comes to the details, they make a large difference when looking at Farxiga vs Invokana. While both are viable solutions to managing blood sugar levels, your response to the meds can vary. Talking to your doctor will be necessary to obtain a prescription, but they can also pair you with the right tablet. Pay attention to your body and speak with a physician about other changes you can make to control diabetes.

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