TipsHow To Cure Back Pain Fast At Home?

How To Cure Back Pain Fast At Home?

Pain in any part of the body is bad and unbearable, but when it comes to back pain, that is just the worst. If you have back pain, you can’t do anything.

You can’t sit, you can’t stand, you can’t even lay down properly, and don’t even talk about having to do any kind of work.

People who do standing jobs like waiters, chefs, nurses, and others often complain about lower back problems after work hours.

Similarly, people who spend all day sitting and working on computers with a crouched neck and back might also start feeling back pain.

An easy way to avoid this is to take regular breaks and straighten your back at regular intervals.

Nowadays, when people feel any medical problem, instead of going to the doctor, they first go to Google.

You can find solutions on the internet, but your first preference should be to visit a nearby hospital or clinic.

back pain

Luckily, when you search ‘how to cure back pain fast at home?’ you will find loads of natural remedies.

This article serves the same purpose. In this article, you will find some useful tips as well as some more useful information that will help you cure your back pain at home quickly.

However, if none of these are helpful, we strongly suggest you visit a hospital for a thorough checkup.

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Here are some basic tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to not only cure the back pain but also stop it from coming back again and again.

1.    Reduce Your Stress:


The day-to-day problems you face in your professional and personal life can lead to stress on your mind and body.

Stress then triggers muscle tension and causes spasms, especially in the back. If you feel like your back pain is due to stress, you can try some stress-relieving techniques to cure the back pain. You can try meditating, muscle relaxation, and yoga.

2.    Get Better Sleep:


If you do not get adequate sleep, at least 6 hours a day, you will start feeling stress and soreness in your body’s muscles.

We often ignore sleep when we have some important meetings or during large family gatherings. So, if you recently skipped a good night’s sleep and are feeling back pain, having a good sleeping session will surely be helpful.

3.    Get Better Shoes:

A pair of grey shoes on white background. Comfortable shoes with pore. Breathable rubber shoes. Footwear.

You might not feel like it, but shoes play a big factor in keeping your back, legs, and feet stress-free.

If you wear shoes with a hard sole or shoes that are imbalanced, you will feel discomfort at first, which will then turn into pain. Changing your shoes can be helpful against back pain, feet pain, and knee pain so visit our recommended best women’s walking shoes for lower back pain.

4.    Use Heat & Cold Treatment:


Heat and cold are both great for back pain or any other sudden pains you might feel in your body.

Cold treatment includes using an ice pack or just some ice cubes wrapped in a towel. Ice provides a numbing effect and reduces inflammation as well, which reduces pain.

Another cause of back pain is the stiffness of the muscles. For stiff muscles, heat is very helpful. You can use a heating pad or use a hot water bottle to relax your muscles and get rid of back pain at home.

5.    Exercise To Get Muscles Moving:exercise


Sometimes you feel a sudden pain when you get up after sitting for a long study session or work session.

This happens because the muscle can sometimes relax too much, and sudden movement causes discomfort. Excersiceing to get the muscles moving will be useful under these circumstances.

A simple stretching exercise of touching your feet without bending the knees is very useful for preventing back pain of all sorts. We recommend this exercise every morning to avoid back pain altogether.

6.    Physical Therapy:

phisical Therapy

If none of these things work, it’s time to bring in an expert. By expert, we mean a chiropractor that can help you with physical therapy.

A chiropractor will help relax your muscles and put the bones back in their places. With physical therapy, all the stiffness in your limbs and muscles goes away.

Physical therapy will help you with not just back pain but any joint pain you might be feeling as well.

Sleeping Positions For Back Pain:

Aside from telling you how to cure back pain fast at home, we also want to help you sleep better. Sleeping while suffering from back pain is a task in itself.

You have to go through trial and error to find the optimal position so you can sleep peacefully at night.

To help you with that, we have listed numerous sleeping positions that help you sleep better and cure the pain somewhat as well.

1.    On Your Back With Knee Support:

You might feel like a vampire sleeping in this position, but it is highly beneficial to get a good night’s sleep.

You sleep on your back with something supporting your knees, like a pillow. The knee support is important as it will support your knees and help keep the spine curved and relaxed.

2.    On Side With Support Between Knees:

A scientifically proven way as the right position to sleep in the right way is to sleep on the side. No matter which side you sleep on, just keeps one arm on the mattress side.

Also, place some kind of support between the legs to keep a gap between both legs. An added tweak to this position is to add extra support between your waist and the mattress.

Only sleeping on the side won’t work; the pillow between the knees is very important. The pillow will keep the hips and spine in optimal alignment and counter your back pain.

3.    The Fetal Position:

You might be familiar with the fetal position but not with its benefits. The fetal position is when you lay on your side and curl your legs into your torso, towards your chest.

When you curl up into a fetal position, it opens up the spaces between your vertebrae. This results in relaxation of the spine as well as stretching of the muscles which helps counter back pain.

4.    On Stomach With Pillow Underneath:

Some experts say that sleeping on your back is bad for your lower back. The reason is that when you sleep on your back, it causes unnecessary stress on your neck, which results in back pain.

However, if you make some tweaks to this sleeping position, it can be beneficial as well. For starters, you can add a pillow under your stomach and relieve the pressure on the back.

Another tweak is that you could skip the neck pillow when sleeping in this position. Doing this will keep your neck and spine in a straight alignment generating ease and relaxation.

It also releases the pressure from the pelvic discs, which causes more relaxation and helps in getting better sleep.

5.    Sleep On Your Back In Reclined Position:

Ever wonder why the power nap on your recliner feels so good? The secret is the position your body gets into when you rest on your recliner.

This is called the reclined position and is highly beneficial for back issues. Keep in mind that we are talking about a recliner, not a chair.

When you lay in a reclined position, the angle between the legs and the torso is very beneficial for your upper and lower back as well as the pelvic discs because it reduces the pressure on the spine.

6.    Other Useful Tips:

Aside from finding the right position, you should also try the following tips:

  • Study and buy the right type of mattress that compliments your type of body. For back pain, avoid too hard and too soft mattresses. You can visit a nearby mattress store, try various options, and see which is the best.
  • Be careful when getting in and out of bed. Don’t get up suddenly and avoid putting too much pressure on your waist and back. Similarly, don’t jump into the mattress. Lay down carefully and avoid any jerking motions.


Well, now you know how to cure back pain fast at home. You got some easy tips and tricks for both short-term and long-term prevention of back pain. We certainly hope you will be able to get rid of your back pain using some of these remedies.

However, if you don’t feel any change in the pain even after trying these things for over a week, it’s time to go to a hospital and see a doctor. After a physical examination, the doctor might decide to give you some medication or put you up for physical therapy, depending on the extent of your pain. We hope we were helpful in some way.

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