Weight LossRetta Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Retta Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Retta herself told about her weight loss in her remembrance. She talked about her diet plan, workout plan, and her efforts. And her Reduction of 50 pounds at once is a surprising thing. Losing 50 pounds at the first attempt is amazing.

It has happened as a result of Retta’s effort and hard work. by losing so much weight, Retta surprised her fans too. If she was worried about anything, it was her weight. Because Hollywood is a place where plus-size actresses do not fit in, let us know about all these things in detail.

Retta’s short intro

Retta’s full name is Marietta Sangai Sirleaf but her screen name is Retta. She is 51 years old. She is a well-known comedian in the USA. Retta was known as a comic personality. She always puts a smile on people’s faces.

Retta is also popular because of her bright dark colors, and fashionable clothes. Rather, it would be more appropriate to say that Retta is a fashion icon. She was also praised for losing weight and it was really commendable.

Is Retta married

No, Retta is not married yet. She is in a relationship with a boyfriend named Geoge. they were also seen together. So, people thought that George is her husband but that’s not the case he was just her good friend.


The story of Retta’s weight loss

Retta doesn’t know about fashion. Mostly she wears the same clothes in which her body looks better. According to Retta, these clothes looked like uniforms. Retta didn’t have the option to choose clothes for herself. she couldn’t imagine wearing jeans, skirts, and any type of skinny outfit.

Being an actress Retta often went on the red carpet. Then she turned to fashion. Only then did she focus on his body. Kyu’s fashionable clothes did not fit her body. Retta had put on a lot of weight. She started trying to lose weight. As well as she will be fashionable and can enjoy the modern lifestyle.

Retta’s weight loss diet plan

Retta started her diet plan by changing her food. She focused on her daily routine of eating. Reduced her food intake and reduced her visits to fast food restaurants. Retta sacrifices her favorite foods. She also cut down on sweet foods. Reeta loved cheese and cheese-based foods. Eating too much cheese had already taken a toll on her health but Comedian did not stop eating cheese completely.

Retta also reduced the amount of cheese that she ate. She included healthy and balanced foods in her diet. She eats fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Talking about diet, let me tell you here that drinking lukewarm water also reduces weight to a great extent.

Retta’s weight loss workout plan

Retta goes to the gym to burn extra calories. She did pushups, sit-ups, and squats.  She also did boxing in her daily routine. Retta goes running for an hour at the beginning of the day.

How is  Retta now

Now Retta is happy and comfortable with her body. She lost weight and went from size 28 to size 18. She couldn’t keep up her size. Now Reeta is at 22 size. Because her weight again increased. But Retta is very satisfied with her weight. And contentment is what keeps a person happy. She never wanted to be extra thin but she wanted to look fit and charming.


Retta always thought positively about life and she also decided to lose weight by thinking positively about herself. You can also follow this style of Retta. And it is a fact that losing weight can only happen as a result of effort. And to do this, you have to give up your favorite food. Retta lost weight to look beautiful and stay in fashion. She just lost weight and gained a lot.

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