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How to Prepare for a Tooth Implant

When you flash a smile at someone, the last thing you want is for them to eyeball a big gap in your teeth. While a missing tooth isn’t the end of the world not many people consider it a good look. Plus, there are some side effects you may suffer from, such as shifting teeth, if you never get a gap filled.

A tooth implant is one of your best and most permanent solutions to missing teeth. The process requires dental surgery and a lengthy healing time but it’s worth your time and money.

Here’s how to prepare for your tooth replacement and what to expect.

Decide on a Type of Tooth Implant

The first thing you’ll need to do before your oral surgery is pick what type of dental implant you want. While the way it is attached will depend on your jawbone, you can choose between materials like titanium and zirconia.

Titanium is lightweight, strong, and biocompatible with the human body. It’s also resistant to corrosion, so it’s safe to use with more aggressive substances.

Zirconia is a newer option that comes with a smooth ceramic surface and is hypoallergenic. These dental implants are also white and won’t cause any discoloration in your gum line.

Expect to Need a Sedation Dentist

Receiving a dental implant means undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. At the very least, the implant will be anchored to your gum line. However, a more secure option involves anchoring it to your jawbone.

While a topical analgesic can help, it won’t do enough to keep you still and pain-free during the procedure. As such, you’ll need to be put under using IV sedation.

A sedation dentist in lexington, ky¬†will walk you through what to expect before and after your procedure. For example, you’ll need someone to drive you home when the dentist finishes.

Plan for a Two Week’s Recovery Time

A tooth implant requires cutting into your gum tissue and drilling into your jawbone to secure the implant. As such, your mouth will be both sore and tender in the days following. It could take upwards of two weeks or more before your mouth starts to feel normal again.

Try to clear out your first week of recovery so you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. That includes no exercising until the gums have completely healed.

Buy soft and cold foods that are easier to eat. Utilize over-the-counter pain medications if you need them. Do not use straws for seven days after your procedure, as these can dislodge your blood clot and cause excessive bleeding.

Try Not to Come Unprepared

A tooth implant is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to complete their smile. However, you should always mentally and physically prepare yourself for a dental procedure. Even though the results will last for decades, you’ll go through a pretty grueling few weeks until you fully heal.

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