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The ancient healing art of taiqi (or “Tai Chi”) originated in China. By improving the way energy flows and circulates around the body, this practice promotes a healthy balance between the body and mind. A regular taiqi practice can be of great benefit to anybody, and is especially good for the elderly.

Taiqi is accessible to elderly people, regardless of their physical limitations, because it involves carrying out a series of slow, gentle movements that do not place great demands on the body. Elderly people who take up Taiqi and begin to practice it on a regular basis can access a broad range of benefits relating to both their physical and mental well-being.

Breathe Better and Boost Energy

When performing taiqi movements, deep, uniform breathing is emphasized, with a focus on slowly exhaling through the mouth. Focusing on your breathing in this way boosts the flow of oxygen to your body, improving overall respiration, lung function, and circulation. Taiqi movements with a focus on deep breathing will increase the flow of oxygen, which leads to significant boosts in energy levels. For elderly people who frequently suffer from fatigue, this can have a huge impact.


Pain Relief

Through practicing the gentle movements of taiqi, flexibility is increased and weak muscles strengthened. After just a few weeks of practicing taiqi, the majority of elderly people will find that joint stiffness is greatly improved and body pain has significantly reduced.

More specifically, taiqi can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. As it loosens the joints, stretches muscles and increases flexibility. Those who suffer from arthritis generally find that as their range of movement and flexibility increase, their symptoms decrease.



photo source: thinkstockphotos.co.uk

Relieve Depression

Poor quality of sleep, pain, tension and anxiety are just some of the common, factors that can contribute to depression in elderly people, but taiqi can help to re-balance all of these issues.

Moreover, aside from physical discomfort, one of the most common causes of depression in elderly people is loneliness.

Joining a taiqi class can open up all kinds of social opportunities and can help elderly people form new relationships. So taiqi helps individuals to avoid depression in multiple ways!


Lower Blood Pressure

Taiqi is a form of moving meditation. It helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety that can contribute to high blood pressure.

Taiqi can have a positive impact on blood pressure through relieving all kinds of physical and emotional tension while simultaneously strengthening the connection between your body and mind.

Improve Balance

Falls and injuries become a significant health hazard in later life.

Taiqi  helps to improve balance with range of movements that focus on strengthening muscles in the lower body and aligning the spine correctly, leading to increased balanced and less likelihood of falls.


Sleep Better

Insomnia is a common health complaint for the elderly. Taiqi can help re-balance the mind and body to allow for better sleep.

Taiqi has a positive impact on the body and mind. Its benefits can greatly improve and enhance quality of life for elderly people, or for anyone!


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Felix Marsh is a member of the team at Heritage Independent Living – a respected UK based Live-in Care introductory agency. They match experienced live-in or daily companions and carers with a wide range of people from elder citizens, wishing to maintain an independent lifestyle, to physically or mentally disabled clients of all ages.

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