Diet and Exercise10 Important Facts about Stretching Exercises

10 Important Facts about Stretching Exercises

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Before you start any workout, you must know that warming up and stretching prior to the work out not only limits the chances of injuries but also enhances your performance during the workout. Stretching is not as simple as it seems to be.

The right kind of stretching exercise will maximize your performance while if you do it the wrong way, you may end injured that badly effects your workout routine.

Stretching is actually very beneficial for your health. prior to stretching you must warm up your body a little for instance, you may jog for a while because stretching cold muscles could hurt you badly.


Here are 10 interesting facts about stretching that may prove helpful in your workout.

#1. Stretching before and after the workout not only boost your energy but increases your flexibility. It keeps you safe from injuries and sore joints which may happen if you set out for the workout without starching or warming up.

Stretching is as important as the workout itself is. So don’t underestimate stretching, it holds an important position in the whole workout.

Stretching before the exercises prepares you for the intense workout while when it is done after the workout it greatly increases your flexibility.


#2. Do not stretch and relax quickly. Hold your body in the stretched position for a little while, and then relax slowly.

Stretching and relaxing in hassle is called bouncing and it may hurt you badly.

Do it slowly and repeatedly and you will be able to perform your workout intensely for a longer period of time. Bouncing will increase stress on your joints and muscle and may result in injury.

Stretching Exercise

#3. Do not jump right toward the hard exercises. Move slowly and gradually. Once your body gets used to the stress and endurance then go for the intense ones.

You should read the signs of the body as well. Is your body is not responding well you may switch your routine. It is not necessary that you keep pushing your body to even if no good is happening to it.

#4. Make sure that you have stretched every muscle that is going to be involved in the workout.

Do not neglect any inch. Even if you’re a rock hard stout, if you overlook any muscle warming up, the tendency to get caught by the injury increases.

#5. One thing should be kept in mind; you are exercising for yourself, not for the other people around you. You should not push yourself into doing what you are yet capable of.

The mood plays an important role to. Do not ever force yourself, maybe you are exhausted and forcefully doing something can create trouble for you.

#6. Frequency is the key. You should be frequent and punctual in your plans. It not only increases your complex movements but also enhances flexibility and strength.

Stretching enhances metabolism and improves blood circulation. It avoids any chances of cramps and transient paresthesia.


#7. You should relax between sets. Relaxation is of utmost importance. Give yourself plenty of time to take rest and relax in a clean environment.This will allow you to muster the strength and energy to get going further.

When stretching from one body muscle to another take deep breaths, this lays a great impact on your strength. Do not strain yourself but gently move your body.

#8. Make yourself used to aerobics. These help a lot in keeping the heart alive and healthy. Aerobics keeps the blood circulation maintained and maintains oxygen level constant.

These exercises will take care of your overall health also. Cardio exercises have proved to be of great benefits. These exercises include swimming, jogging, cycling etc.

#9. Music is known as the meal of the soul and plays an important role boosting someone into doing something. It is known to boost adrenaline into the body and push you to go further.

It relieves tensions and stretch and so you may stay in stretched position for longer time. to avoid disturbing others, bring along headphones etc so you don’t bother other people exercising beside you.

#10. When you get used to the different positions, and you adapt to different positions, then improvise and try new positions and postures. Once stretched, keep it that way for at least 1 minute.

Doing so will not only stimulate your overall health but will increase your stamina, endurance, and flexibility. Before you start, hire a cleaning contractor and make sure your environment is clean. This would make you able to perform more and more intense workout for a longer duration.

Stretching will allow you overcome post-workout cramps and aches as well thus allowing you perform your daily tasks along side.


Health is wealth. So stretch and have a healthy life. This will help you relieve tensions, maximize your limitations.

It will also help you in shaking off your tiredness so may be able to perform to your maximum level. Remember discipline must not be ignored. The more you stick to the routine the more you get benefitted.


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