Imagine that you eat a snack and end up feeling happier throughout the day.

Now take it up a notch, and visualize yourself cooking an epic meal, with ingredients that don’t just rid your body of toxins, but actually help prevent cancer.

With the aid of superfoods, these superpowers are at your fingertips.

As a family doctor, I recommend you eat these 8 superfoods regularly to turn yourself into a health hero:

1. Blueberries

Packed full of Vitamin C, fiber, and other cancer-fighting compounds, blueberries are a sweet choice for a morning snack. A study from the University of Manchester has even shown that these tiny blue powerhouses can improve memory as well.


2. Spinach

Superfood spinach adds anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, and healthy doses of Vitamin K and calcium to any meal.

That means that spinach doesn’t just help detoxify and fight infections, it also supports vision and bone health.

The Department of Public Health in Tochigi, Japan showed that eating spinach can even reduce the loss of bone mass.


3. Pumpkin

Nothing screams comfort like a hot bowl of pumpkin soup.

Pumpkins are a great source of beta-carotene, which improves eyesight and gives your immune system an extra boost for the winter months.

Try roasting chunks of pumpkin in the oven and adding them to whole wheat pasta in a light pasture-raised-butter sauce for a delicious dinner.


4. Garlic

Love Italian flavors? Good! Garlic has been shown to treat heart disease and high blood pressure. What’s

more, a study from the Charles University in Prague suggests that garlic extract may even aid in fighting

yeast infections.


5. Strawberries

I like to tell my patients, “Forget oranges!” Strawberries pack a serious punch of vitamin C.

Strawberries ward off colds and contain other antioxidants that seriously enhance your immunity.

Though you should only eat fruits when they are in season, just a cup of strawberries a day in the spring and summer will give you a good boost of vitamin C – add that to your smoothie and blend it!


6. Chia Seeds

No, they can’t make you grow green hair.

However, these tiny beauties can be added to smoothies, turned into pudding with a little bit of liquid, and add a healthy dose of essential fatty acids to any meal.

Chia seeds are especially important for vegetarians and the developing brains of toddlers!


7. Greek Yogurt

Who doesn’t like a creamy dairy treat after dinner? Swap out that ice cream with thick, nonfat Greek yogurt for extra protein and digestion-aiding probiotics.

You can also use Greek yogurt as a substitute for things like cream cheese or sour cream!


8. Almonds

One of the most nutrient-dense nuts, almonds can give your body some added superpowers.

Containing fiber, healthy fats, potassium, vitamin E, calcium, iron and magnesium, you can’t go wrong with a handful of almonds as a snack.

Also, almond butter is a healthy and more delicious alternative to peanut butter, so try spreading it on toast with jam for a nice twist on your usual PB & J.


If you’re unsure of what to grab the next time you’re feeling hungry, go for these superfoods and your body will thank you.

Dr. Momjian is a family doctor in Glendale, California. Dr Momjian has a special interest in nutrition and weight management. He enjoys educating the public on non-pharmaceutical approaches to managing chronic medical problems.
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