We all know those people who just seem to glow.

They carry a sense of ease, look fantastic, and appear to be unburdened by life’s challenges.

You probably think that they have some lucky combination of genes that results in them not needing to worry about getting to the gym or sticking to a strict diet, but the truth is, you don’t have to either.

Here are 3 behaviors vibrantly healthy people do differently:

 1. Get a Move On

We all know that it’s important to exercise, but restricting your movement to an hour-long gym visit while you sit around the rest of the day isn’t doing you many favors.

Vibrantly healthy people generally don’t go to the gym unless there’s a class that they really genuinely love going to, or a gym-related goal that they’re trying to reach. Instead, they integrate movement and exercise into their routine throughout the day, and enjoy more vigorous exercise outdoors a few times a week.

The key here is, vibrantly healthy people like to move their bodies, and they enjoy how they feel when they do.

To become a vibrantly healthy person, try standing at your desk instead of sitting, do sun-salutations before meals, and go for high-paced hikes in the woods or at a park.

Also check out activities like dance classes and rock-climbing so you can have more fun while you move.


2. Celebrate Nourishment

Vibrantly healthy people don’t step on the scale or count calories.

Instead, they make meals an opportunity to celebrate their bodies, the food they are eating, and life overall.

If you are constantly worried about the food that you are eating you’re just going to become more stressed, which is anything but nourishing and can actually slow down your metabolism.

Instead, make sure you eat real food, mostly vegetables, and enough protein to satiate you.

Focus on the look, smell, texture and taste of your food as you eat so you enjoy your food as much as you can.

Because ultimately, food is meant to give you energy, make you feel good, and truly nourish your body and soul, and that’s cause for celebration.


3. See the Yin and Yang in All Situations

Although vibrantly healthy people might look like they’re always happy, the truth is that they face just as many challenges as the rest of us.

The difference is in their expectations, and how they react to life’s setbacks.

The concept of Yin and Yang expresses this perfectly.

Yin and Yang theory states that everything positive contains the seed of negative at its core, and everything negative contains positive as well.

When something good happens, vibrantly healthy people know it won’t last forever.

But instead of feeling sad about the inevitable, they lean back and enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. This makes them less likely to cling to the past and more ready to move on when the time comes.

Similarly, when something bad happens, vibrantly healthy people look for the positive within. They breathe deep, get support, and investigate if there are ways that they can change themselves to soften into the situation rather than resisting it.

In this way, they come through life’s difficulties with more strength and a sense of adventure rather than depression and exhaustion.


While the nuances of everyone’s life might be different, these three behaviors are consistently found in people who glow with vibrant health.

Integrate these attitudes into your own life and feel the difference!



What strategies do you use to cultivate vibrant health in your life? Leave a comment below so others can benefit from your experience!



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