Weight LossWicked Tuna TJ Ott Weight Loss - Did He Undergo Surgery?

Wicked Tuna TJ Ott Weight Loss – Did He Undergo Surgery? [2024]

TJ Ott, whose real name is Timothy James Ott, is a beloved character on the National Geographic Channel show, Wicked Tuna. You know a character is a fan favorite when fans associate the show’s name with the character. That is the case with TJ Ott, a.k.a Wicked Tuna TJ Ott.

Before joining the Wicked Tuna show, TJ Ott used to captain his own boat. TJ Ott comes from a family of fishermen and hunters, and he was only 20 years old when he started roaming the seas for fishing. That experience TJ had was there for everyone to see in Wicked Tuna, and that’s why fans connected with him the most.

But, along with fame and recognition for his hunting and fishing skills, TJ Ott attracted some bullying too because of his overweight body. People called him fat, obese, and whatnot. And that’s when the Wicked Tuna TJ Ott weight loss journey started.

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Wicked Tuna TJ Ott Weight Loss Results

It’s no secret that TJ Ott has lost a hefty chunk of his weight over the years. A mere glance at some before and after pictures can tell you that he underwent a drastic transformation but it wasn’t overnight. TJ’s weight loss took a lot of time and effort, but the results show that it was all worth it.

When TJ Ott appeared on Wicked Tuna for the first time, he used to weigh 375 lbs- that’s almost 170 kgs. That much weight cannot be healthy for anyone unless it is pure muscle. And in TJ’s case, it wasn’t muscle- it was excess fat that was going to take its toll at some point. Thankfully TJ managed to lose all of it before it was too late.

How did Wicked Tuna TJ Ott lose weight? Well, we will talk about that later on. Right now, we’ll tell you how much did he lose. Wicked Tuna’s TJ Ott has lost nearly 70 lbs of weight since he started his transformation journey.

No wonder it took TJ almost 2 years to transform into the slim and fit man he is now. There is no quick-fix scheme to lose this much weight, he had to dig in to get the results, and he has gotten them.

Did Wicked Tuna’s TJ Ott Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

TJ Ott’s weight loss transformation has been so unbelievable that some people actually think he underwent surgery. And we really can’t blame anyone for thinking so. Losing 70 lbs and turning your whole life around is easier said than done. But that in no way means that we agree with these allegations.

TJ has organically lost weight by switching to a proper diet plan and picking up a rigorous workout routine. 


Wicked Tuna’s TJ Ott Weight Loss Diet Plan & Workouts

Although he hasn’t been very open about what diet he follows or what workouts he implemented to achieve such great results, sources close to him have disclosed a few facts.

TJ became much more aware of what he was putting in his body, both eating and drinking. Anything with a high calorie and sugar count was reduced to a minimum or completely cut off. Moreover, TJ also restricted processed foods and carbohydrate items and switched to an organic diet based mainly on fruits and vegetables.

The advantage is a diet like this is that you eat less, but your body still gets all the proteins and vitamins needed to power through the whole day. Plus, staying well hydrated is another important aspect to lose and maintain weight.

As for workouts, there is no way TJ lost weight only by changing his diet plan. Although setting up fishnets and captaining a fishing boat is a toll-taking activity, regular workouts are the best way to lose and maintain body weight.

Having lost 70 lbs, it is all but certain that TJ Ott goes to the gym regularly. It has been confirmed by people close to TJ that he regularly goes to the gym still to make sure he doesn’t gain the weight back. However, what workouts he follows is still a mystery for his fans.


That’s all there is to know about Wicked Tuna’s TJ Ott weight loss story. Rebutting the rumors of TJ having weight loss surgery was important because now people know how inspiring his journey really is. We hope this article provides the motivation you need to start your own transformation journey.

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