Corn Fritters

These make a great breakfast or lunch or brunch dish if you want a creative way to incorporate more vegetables into your life.

1. Chop up about 4 green onions, a handful of shiitake mushrooms, and about 3-5 kale leaves. If it’s spring-time nettles would be a great addition or alternative. The ingredients can be coarsely chopped, but the pieces should be on the smaller side (not much bigger than corn kernels). Also finely chop 2-8 cloves of garlic and about an inch of turmeric root. You can also use powdered turmeric if you can’t find the fresh root.  If you’re making this in autumn, cut the kernels off of 2 ears of corn and add them to the mix. Put all the ingredients into a large cast-iron skillet or pan over medium heat with some butter, olive oil, or coconut oil, depending on what taste you’re going for, and add a dash of sea salt and pepper to taste.

2. While that’s cooking, combine 2 cups of corn flour with 1 cup of all-purpose flour (gluten-free flour is fine too) and 3 eggs in a large bowl. When the vegetables are well-cooked (the kale should be wilted and soft and the mushrooms should look wet) add them to the bowl. If you didn’t use fresh corn also add a can of corn to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well until the mixture looks chunky but even. It should be sticky but not wet. If it’s too dry add another egg and/or a splash of water. If it’s too wet go ahead and add some more corn flour.

3. In a well-greased pan (you can re-use the one you heated the veggies in) on medium-high heat drop large spoonfuls of the veggie-corn batter to fry. Once it’s slightly brown on the bottom flip the fritters over. When both sides are brown they are ready to serve.

4. Serve with a nice green salad in the spring and summer, or some long-cooked greens in the fall and winter and between seasons. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for extra depth. Enjoy!

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