Weight LossTyler Labine Weight Loss Story - From Body Dysmorphia To Body Goals!

Tyler Labine Weight Loss Story – From Body Dysmorphia To Body Goals!

Tyler Labine, 44, has been a hot topic on social media lately, to be specific, Tyler’s incredible weight loss.

Best known for playing Dr. Iggy on the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam, Tyler has been a fan favorite. And if you’ve been watching Dr. Iggy for the past two seasons, you must have noticed a few changes in his physical appearance.

As Season 3 is underway, we are seeing a newer version of our favorite Dr. in New Amsterdam. He has been working hard to get in shape and the hard work is finally starting to show.

We’ll tell you everything you want to know about the Tyler Labine weight loss story, from weight loss struggles to battling eating disorders.

Tyler Labine & Dr. Iggy – Similar Body Struggles

Very few people know this but he has essentially played himself in New Amsterdam. Apart from the “Doctor” part, Tyler and Iggy have had similar struggles in their life. Just as we see Tyler’s character struggling with eating disorders in “New Amsterdam.”

Dr. Iggy replicates every aspect of Tyler’s mental and physical health, from binge eating to body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Especially in Season 3, Tyler’s character has been shown disorders that the masses struggle with nowadays.

Although he has been impeccable in his performance as Dr. Iggy, it was difficult for him to portray his own issues on film, but he talked it out with the writers. He claimed that everything in the script has already happened to him in real life. His real-life problems became part of his own TV performance after a couple more meetings with the director and writer.

The purpose behind this was to raise awareness among the growing audience of the show. Writers, producers, and actors wanted to play their part in letting people know about the harmful effects of disorderly and risky diets.

And the terrific job they’ve done with this is there for everyone to see.

Tyler Labine’s Tough Childhood

Labine also shared his own struggles at a young age. In an interview, Labine told:

“Around nine, I started to get a little chubbier than my two brothers. One night my dad saw me with my shirt off, slapped my gut, and said, “Oh my God, that’s disgusting. Look at that thing!”

He further added:

“From then on he put me on these crash diets and made me feel very different from the rest of my family. He built a little makeshift gym in the basement and would take pictures of me to chart my progress.

I felt like the love I received was in direct relation to how much weight I lost. At 11, I’d lie in bed at night dreaming about getting liposuction, and at 12, I made a clumsy attempt at killing myself.”

It just goes to show how society’s pressure can push someone over the edge. Tyler tried to commit suicide at the young age of 12, just because his parents would treat him differently than his brothers because of Tyler’s weight.

Tyler Labine Weight Loss & Body Dysmorphia

Tyler Labine, the star of New Amsterdam, went to get therapy after years of struggling with weight loss and eating disorders. Several trips to the doctor for checkups eventually paid off, and he was diagnosed with body dysmorphia.

This diagnosis also brought anxiety problems. Tyler admitted that he started drinking afterward to suppress his feelings about his overweight body.

“The funny fat guy characters I often played seemed impervious to people’s insults, but I would feel hurt by them. Drinking became a way for me to mask my feeling of being less-than.”

However, it is good to see that he has dumped this bad habit of drinking and is now 4 years sober. He has joined a 12-step-program and also goes to therapy once a week. And it is evident that both these things have improved his mental and physical health a lot.

How Did Tyler Labine Lose Weight?

So, did Tyler actually undergo surgery to lose weight or has it been a long, hard, and natural weight loss journey? Apparently, thinking of getting liposuction at 11 was all talk no walk- and thankfully so.

He has made several changes to his diet and even started workouts to lose weight the way it’s supposed to be lost. Although he has not openly talked about his diet plan or weight loss, we do know that Tyler switched to a mostly vegan diet and protein shakes. And the pictures are evidence that whatever he is doing is clearly working for the better.

Before And After

tyler labine


It must have been difficult for Tyler to replay all of his insecurities and disorders on the big screen for everyone to see, but props to him for doing so. His courage helped raise awareness against weight bullying as well as motivated Tyler himself to change for the better.

But, above else, the Tyler Labine weight loss story is about self-love and acceptance. Before Tyler made any big changes, he accepted the fact that he was suffering and needed help. And once he got the help he needed, his life changed for the better.

Now, we are excited to see how this change in Tyler’s appearances will be portrayed on the TV screen and what’s in store for Dr. Iggy. All good things we hope. Fingers crossed.


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