What people are saying...

“We all have the potential for growth within us and often the will as well. However, one thing often lacking is direction. I can tell you from personal experience that Katerina’s instruction focuses on the individual and is not “one size fits all”.  I did not think someone 16 or so years my junior had anything to teach me.  A few years later I now see the complete and appropriate irony of such a thought. Katerina excels in helping you discover where the potential for growth exists, as well as helping you work towards it.  I highly recommend treating yourself to a few sessions to determine if it is right for you.  It was (most unexpectedly) for me.” Luke Bogash

“It’s not about drastically changing your diet, meditating for hours, or too much exercise. I slowly began making small changes in my routine and how I thought about myself. Suddenly, goals that had seemed impossible before were so much closer to being achieved!” Loretta Pseudonym

“Katerina has played a huge role in setting me on a path of health and happiness in my life. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about everything from acupuncture to western herbalism to nutrition as preventive medicine, she is a natural teacher, enabling both friends and clients to not just hear what she has to say, but to truly absorb and understand how to take charge of one’s own health. Katerina has helped both my husband and I with a wide range of ailments– from Lymes disease to hormone imbalances to just having more energy and feeling more engaged with the world around us– and I would recommend her skills and expertise to anyone.” Aila West