A couple weeks ago we had some good friends in town and proceeded to go out to numerous restaurants as well as a vineyard.

While I wouldn’t label any of our excursions excessively indulgent, the cumulative effect was that more bread, cheese, and alcohol was consumed in those three days than is normal for us.

When Monday came around I felt extremely foggy brained, and the fog didn’t lift until Thursday.

That Friday I felt completely drained, despite having had a fairly stress-free week, and ended up sleeping 11 hours that night.

Although this good-night’s sleep made me feel a heck of a lot better, the fact that I even needed that much sleep concerned me.

My husband and I decided this would be the week to start our second Whole 30.

I also made an appointment with my acupuncturist, whom I hadn’t visited in a month. She pointed out that my body was desperate for exercise.

So now, along with making mild adjustments to our diet to include only organic vegetables, free-range organic meats, and some fruits and nuts in our meals, we are also going to be waking up early every day to go to vinyasa yoga classes.

Today was day 1 and I have to admit that I’m tired. I look forward to when the early rising will be ingrained in my internal clock as it once was, and I I know it will be again in a week or so.

As for the Whole 30, the only obstacle I’ve encountered these past few days has been forgetting to bring enough snacks with me.

I’ll keep you posted how things go in the coming days.

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