Weight LossRoger Raglin Weight Loss | Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Roger Raglin Weight Loss | Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2024]

Do you want to talk about the Roger Raglin weight loss transformation?

Roger Raglin is one of the biggest names of the hunting scenery in America. Roger has been entertaining hunting enthusiasts with his production, the Roger Raglin Outdoor, for over 15 years now. The show airs on the ‘Outdoor Channel’ and shows Roger Raglin scavenging and hunting. The show was so popular across the country that Roger Raglin won 3 Golden Moose Fan Favorite Awards in 2008 for Best Host, Best Hunting Show, and Best Overal Production.

Recently Roger has been making news for a whole new adventure, the Roger Raglin weight loss coaching. He has now launched his channel by the name of Roger Raglin Channel where he helps people lose excessive weight in natural ways. But does his methods work? Yes, they do because Roger himself lost a lot of weight using the same techniques. Let’s take a closer look at how Roger Raglin lost weight.

Roger Raglin Weight Loss Journey

Roger Raglin has always been a healthy guy. Ever since his adult years, Roger was above the average weight for his age and height. But because he was so proactive, he wasn’t bothered about the weight. However, as the years passed, Roger felt the need for a change. He knew that if he wanted to continue doing the show he so dreary loves, he needed to change something- and he did!

But how did he do it? Well, he only made a single change to his lifestyle- his diet. Roger transformed his body by changing his eating habits, and the incredible results are a testament to the effectiveness of his dietary reforms.

How Much Weight Did Roger Raglin Lose?

Just by changing his diet and eating habits, Roger managed to lose a little over 80 pounds of body fat in various areas. He went from a size of 50 to 42 and lost 4 inches of neck fat. He also dropped 10 points in pant size. In short, he underwent an amazing weight loss journey just by switching to a healthier diet.

Video: YouTube/Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine

What’s more impressive is that Roger lost all this weight in 5 months only. If you are interested in losing weight just like Roger did, you can follow his whole journey on his website too.

Roger Raglin Weight Loss Workout Routine

As we mentioned earlier, Roger Raglin did lose a big chunk of fat, but he did it with the help of dietary changes. Even on his weight loss coaching series, he never talks about doing any specific workouts or exercises. That doesn’t mean you can eat healthily and sit on the couch all day long. Remember, Roger is a professional hunter, which means he probably walks miles at a time and has to go up and down the hills and explore the woods. And that alone is enough physical activity to help with a weight loss journey.

We aren’t suggesting that you take up hunting as well, but do pick up some sort of physical activity like running or daily walks to keep afresh.

Roger Raglin Weight Loss Diet Plan

The crux of Roger Raglin’s weight loss journey is indeed his diet plan. On his website’s homepage, you’ll see the following message: Roger lost over 80 lbs., 40 inches, & 10 pant sizes in just 5 months while eating REAL food. No exercise, no pills.

But what diet plan did he follow? Well, the first change Roger made was abstaining from overeating. As most hunters do, Roger loved some Texas-style BBQ, and he would always overeat whenever there was a hearty meal on the table. And that was the first dietary change he made.

Next up, Roger switched to a healthier diet. He still eats all his favorite foods, but now everything is cooked with organic ingredients. Before the weight loss, his diet was mostly meat-based proteins. But now, the majority of meals include organic fruits and vegetables.

Roger also dumped fast food, reduced usage of sugar, and stopped consuming high carbohydrate products. These 3 factors are the highlight for us because sugar, carbohydrates, and fast food are the biggest culprits in weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you have to let go of these things ASAP!

And last but not least, he started drinking a lot of water. Drinking as much water as possible in a day helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the body cells and improves digestion as well. Both these things combine well to keep you fresh all day long and help with weight loss too.


The fact that Roger Raglin was 67 years old when he lost 80 pounds of weight is very impressive. We wish him all the health and happiness, and we wish him luck with the Roger Raglin weight loss channel. And we hope Roger can be the inspiration you need to turn your life around.

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