Weight LossRichard Carranza Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Richard Carranza Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Richard Carranza has served as the Chancellor of the New York School System for 3 years, from April 2018 to March 2021. He got the chance after Alberto M. Carvalho withdrew his name from the race for this position. Richard was appointed by Mayor de Blasio on 2nd April 2018.

Although a short tenure, his performance was exemplary throughout the period. Before that, Richard was also served as the Superintendent of San Fransico Unified School and Houston Independent School districts.

But recently, Richard has been looking a bit different. It looks like he has lost some weight, and in this Richard Carranza weight loss article, we are going to talk about just that. People have been asking why did he lose weight, and some are even concerned about his health.

So, in this article, we are going to address all questions about the Richard Carranza weight loss story. Let’s jump right in.

Richard Carranza Weight Loss Story

The so-called Richard Carranza weight loss journey began the day he was appointed the Chancellor of the New York School System. Prior to this, his job in Houston Independent School districts was equally important but not as hectic as being the chancellor of one of the biggest school systems of the United States of America.

So, saying that the protagonist of Richard Carranza’s weight loss journey is his new demanding job wouldn’t be wrong at all. Carranza said the following about his job during an interview in 2019:

‘I have a high-pressure job with a crazy and hectic schedule. It’s one of those jobs where either I kill the job or the job kills me.’

That said, he did a great job at handling such a high and responsible post and we wish him all the best in his next ventures. He also stated in a different interview:

‘There was one silver lining to this crazy experience. I managed to lose almost 50 pounds of my  weight.’

That statement alone tells us a lot about Richard’s weight loss journey. The long working hours and the huge responsibility of educating the children of New York in the right way took a toll on his health.

However, the amazing thing is that he lost 50 pounds within a year. And no, he is not sick, nor did he undergo any weight loss surgery. Richard’s weight loss has been natural and a result of leading a healthier life.

Carranza told another interviewer:

‘It’s a very conscious decision my wife and I made that we are going to get healthy, eat healthy, and exercise. And doing so has allowed me to be better at my job.’

How Did Richard Carranza Lose Weight?

Losing 50 pounds within a year is no ordinary feat. It takes a lot of work and commitment, something Richard excels in. And with the support of his wife, Richard managed to achieve a healthier and slimmer physique that’s made him more active.

But, how did he do all this? With a schedule as busy as Richard’s where does he find the time to workout? Does he even work out? Let’s see what he said about his workouts and diet plans.

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Richard Carranza Weight Loss Workout Routine

As we said earlier, it would have been very difficult for someone like Richard to join a gym and spend hours daily trying to lose the excess weight. And as it turns out he didn’t join a gym. Instead, he resorted to running.

Richard would squeeze out just enough time from his schedule to go for a run early in the morning.

‘Every morning at 4-4:15, I’m usually stretching and out for my run. During the colder months, I’ve been doing a lot of treadmills running, getting in early, and running as much as possible.’

He further added:

‘Now that the weather is better, I am running outdoors, longer runs of weekends because there’s more free time available.’

That goes to show how conscious Richard is about his health, and knowing this it’s no longer a surprise that Richard lost 50 pounds within a year.

Richard Carranza Weight Loss Diet Plan

Unlike his workouts, Richard hasn’t been very open about the diet plan he followed to lose his weight. We do know that his wife has helped him a lot in picking up and sticking to a healthier diet, however, no one really knows what it is.

We do hope Richard Carranza does share his diet plan someday so people can follow it and embark on a weight loss journey of their own. One thing is for sure, no one loses 50 pounds within a year without making some changes to their diet.

We are sure Richard did so too and looking at the shape he is right now, we think he still follows whatever diet plan he is on. And whenever that diet plan goes public, we’ll be the first to let you know about it right here on this page.

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And that’s all there is to know about the Richard Carranza weight loss story. The transformation is incredible, to say the least and we hope he sticks to it because it’s a good look on him.

We also hope that Richard brings the motivation people need to start their own transformation.

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