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I’m Katerina, a holistic health coach, acupuncturist, writer, teacher, entrepreneur, and life-long wisdom seeker.

From decreasing pain to increasing confidence, I help women feel healthy, strong, and totally at home in their body.




In this inspiring, eye-opening, and actionable video training you’ll learn how to stop spinning your wheels with yo-yo diets and emotional eating, and start being the healthy, confident, and empowered woman you want to be.

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The Crucial Weight-Loss Tip That Nobody Talks About

The Crucial Weight-Loss Tip That Nobody Talks About

When most people decide to lose weight, they follow all the usual weight-loss tips. Weight-loss tips like counting calories, buying a gym membership, adopting a strict meal-plan, avoiding cake at all costs, and setting lofty goals that they hope to reach in as little...

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