Warm Berry Winter Pudding Recipe

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I am all about seasonal living, and that means eating mostly warm things when the weather is cold outside. Well, for my ice-cream-loving self this can be more than a little...

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Regulating Your Menstruation Naturally Through Seed Cycling

Ladies, we’ve got a problem. Far too many of us are suffering from PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, debilitating cramps, bloating, infertility, and a host of other “lady issues” that all point a big red arrow at hormone trouble. The fact that so many of us think these...

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3 Unexpected Ways to Stay Sane Amidst Holiday Madness

The songs tell us that this is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but many would disagree. Twinkling lights and sugar crystals might sparkle like fairy-dust, but behind that magical facade there often hides the stress of unmet expectations and familial strife. By...

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Chinese Medicine is SO Much More than Acupuncture

Ok, ok. I’ll be the first to admit. I’m a huge dork when it comes to this stuff. But did you know that Chinese medicine goes far beyond acupuncture needles and herbs? Yup. There are oodles of theories, philosophies, and strategies that all come together to create the...

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On Healing a Broken World

  I am a Chinese medicine practitioner and natural health educator. My mission is to not just help people heal on a physical level, but to inspire and help them on all planes of their existence -physical, emotional, and spiritual- so they can make a positive...

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Don’t Take My Advice

I have always been an advice giver. I freely give advice, and often friends turn to me for it. Just last week a friend of mine asked me for advice in dealing with a conflict she had with her mother. A few hours later another friend asked me for advice on what to do...

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Hey There!

My name is Katerina Pozzi Baratta, LAc, MSOM, and I help women feel radiantly healthy, aaaaah-mazing in their body, and L-O-V-E their life.
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