I bought a few bunches of fresh flowers last week.

The shopkeeper tallied up the cost and reported to total.

I noted that I seem to spend too much money on flowers.


But while it may be true that I could spend less on what initially appears to be an indulgent luxury, it’s not the whole story.

Fresh flowers bring me immense joy.

I love carefully selecting the individual flowers amongst the masses at the flower shop.

And then embarking on the challenge of fitting them together in the perfect vessel to become a creation that is more than just the sum of their parts.

I love balancing their colors and textures, cutting their stems to just the right length.

Anticipating and then watching the evolution as they grow, blossom, and eventually fade, until I’m once again left with an empty vase, waiting to be filled.


It may be economically wiser to refrain and simply enjoy the potted plants that are happily perched on our windowsills.

But while those securely situated flora are just as beautiful in their evolution over time, they don’t display full drama of the life-cycle as immediately as a vase of freshly cut flowers can.


So I think I’ll keep buying cut flowers as the opportunities arise. Sometimes it’s ok to indulge.



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