Nut butters can be a wonderful addition to sauces, smoothies, sandwiches, or just straight-up as a snack on a spoon. However, nuts contain a lot of phytic acid which can cause poor digestion and inhibit mineral absorption. In order to mitigate this undesirable effects it is best not to buy nut butters from stores but prepare it yourself.

1. Decide how much nut butter you’d like to make and measure out the equivalent amount of the desired variety of raw nuts (favorites include peanut, almond, hazelnut, and cashew, though you should only soak cashews for 1-5 hours). 

2. Chop them up in a blender with a splash of water, place in a bowl, cover in warm water and let them soak overnight.

3. Drain the water through a cheesecloth and put the nuts back in the blender. Add about a teaspoon of cold-pressed olive oil per 1/2 cup of nuts and blend until smooth.

4. Place in an airtight container (I like the mini-mason jars best) and store in the refrigerator.

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