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Do you eat your emotions?

Many of us are much more likely to reach for that box of doughnuts when we’re feeling anxious or depressed.

What you might not realize is that those doughnuts could be the very thing that is making you feel anxious and depressed in the first place.

It’s not for the reason you might think.

Sure, you’re likely to feel worse about yourself when you self-medicate at the pastry shop, but there’s a lot more to this story than that.


As it turns out, many modern studies are showing us that what we eat actually influences our emotions.

We never would’ve been able to understand this before the invention of the microscope, but we now know that billions of microbes have built homes and started families in the streets of our GI tracts, and they’re a vocal crowd.

When you eat foods that are less-than-nutritious, the microbe communities get angry and send angry messages to your brain.

This causes all sorts of angry chemicals to flood your system and make you feel anxious, depressed, irritable, uncomfortable, and just plain bad in your body.


When you eat nutrient dense foods, on the other hand, the microbes in your gut feel good, they’re happy, and when they’re happy, you’re happy.

If you’re dealing with any sort of mood disorder, or even just a week’s worth of getting out of bed on the wrong foot, you don’t have to cut out the comfort food entirely.

A few empty calories here and there are good for the soul, even if they’re not great for your microbiome.

But do feed yourself those happy-making, nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods more often than not.



If you eat healthy whole foods 80% of the time you should be good to go.

Your gut and mind will both thank you for it.


Now I’d love to hear from you.

What foods do you usually reach for when you’re stressed?

Leave a comment below and share your story!


‘Til next time,

Love, hugs, and black-bean brownies,






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