TipsHow To Make Kratom Capsules At Home

How To Make Kratom Capsules At Home

Kratom leaves can be chewed or made into tea but neither option is convenient nor discreet. Luckily for those looking for all the healing properties of it in an easy-to-take form, you can make your own kratom capsules at home with minimal effort! In this detailed blog post, we will share our complete guide on how to create DIY kratom capsules from raw powder that are perfect for taking conveniently and discreetly whenever needed. So let’s jump right into it and see just how easy it is to make homemade capsules!

Let’s first discuss the Capsule’s benefits.

Benefits Of Kratom Capsules

Purchasing Kratom in many different forms like capsules, powder, and extracts, is possible. Each has its own special advantages. For example, its capsules are convenient and not only for first-timers; many seasoned consumers also prefer them.

Let’s talk about why some people find capsules easier to consume than Kratom powder and what makes them so effective.

Save Money

A fantastic method for cutting costs is to purchase Kratom powder in large quantities, either by the kilo or the half kilo and then use that powder to make your capsules. Buying powder in large quantities is more cost-effective. And you may make them unique by adding your preferred Kratom variety.

Practical For Trips

If you’re busy and never stop moving, pills are a safe choice. Don’t bother lugging a measuring cup or spoons along. They fit neatly into a tote, handbag, or picnic bag. As a bonus using capsules rather than crumbling powder eliminates the need to clean up the dust that always accumulates on the kitchen counter.

Regular Dosing

You may save the hassle of getting out the measuring cups and spoons and just take a capsule that already has the powdered Kratom inside. You may get capsules with as little as 0.25 grams and as much as 1.5 grams inside.

No Bitter Aftertaste

Many users opt for Kratom pills to avoid the unpleasant aftertaste which entirely masks the substance’s flavor.

How To Prepare Kratom Capsules

The first step is to get some empty capsule containers. You may get them in various shapes and sizes in pharmacies near you and on the Internet as well. Vegetable and gelatin-based products are the most widely available.

Vegetable Capsules

Have you been curious about how to produce capsules but are you a vegetarian? Choose cellulose-based products instead. Vegetarians may enjoy them since they are often non-GMO and free of ingredients originating from animals.

The body easily absorbs vegetable capsules. Choose your containers and then fill them. The powder may be added manually or with a capsule maker’s aid.

Gelatin Capsules

Compared to vegetarian capsules they are more widely available and inexpensive. Collagen a kind of animal protein is the raw material used in their production. They may include chemicals or leftovers from the animals they were extracted from. They are risk-free and pass all health department inspections although some individuals may react adversely.

Instructions For Adding Kratom To Capsules

This procedure involves hand-filling capsules by performing the following actions:

  • Don a pair of latex gloves before opening a container to store your powder or extract.
  • Drop the unused capsules into a container.
  • To disassemble one, just split it in half lengthwise.
  • When scooping, place the longer end into the extract.
  • Squeeze the shorter piece into the larger one holding this chemical to seal the Capsule.
  • Simply go on doing this until you get the required quantity.

Manual filling may be more cost-effective but it does come with certain limitations. For example, the powder may not be evenly distributed inside the capsules and spills may occur resulting in waste.

Using A Machine

When making kratom capsules using a filling machine is more efficient than painstakingly doing everything by hand. These empty cartridges may be stored in the device’s designated spaces. Then put in the powder/extract and hold tight while it does its thing.

These machines can fill and seal dozens or even hundreds of tablets mechanically in a matter of minutes. It helps reduce waste and guarantees a constant supply of the powder. The machine’s high price tag is the one major drawback.

Kratom Capsules

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Encapsulating Kratom

Are you debating whether or not making your own medicines is preferable to purchasing them? If you’re wondering whether or not creating homemade kratom capsules is a brilliant idea let’s look at the pros and cons.


There are several benefits to making your own capsules at home.


The cost of purchasing kratom pills from a seller might be high. However, saving money is possible by buying the powder and producing it at home.

No Fillers

Some vendors of herbal supplements may adulterate their capsules with harmful compounds during manufacturing. Therefore you may avoid consuming medications containing additives if you make them yourself.

Longer Storage Time

The powdered or fresh form of this plant is difficult to store. As the leaves decompose the powder may get tainted with dust and other impurities. The material will keep for a longer period if it is encapsulated.

Optional Freedom

Do you want to experiment with several strains? You may make your own kratom capsules at home by combining the active components with the filler of your choice.


There are a number of pros to making your own kratom capsules but there are also some negatives. Among them are:

Deviating Mass

If each Capsule were filled by hand the amount of Kratom inside could vary. Because of this variation determining an appropriate dose for either recreational or therapeutic usage may be challenging.

Risk Of Getting Subpar Kratom

Capsules from reputable kratom suppliers are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure consumer safety. However, maintaining the same quality control standards without laboratories is difficult.


Making your own kratom capsules can be a cost-effective option that allows you to customize the dosage and combination of strains according to your needs. However, pay attention to capsule-making risks and ensure appropriate safety measures are taken. Additionally, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional if you experience any adverse side effects while taking the capsules.

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