Weight LossLuke Combs Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Luke Combs Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine [2024]

Luke Combs weight loss: Combs started his weight loss journey at the end of 2016. He has many struggles in losing weight he got good results Kevin Klug is a combed, personal trainer. Combs has a hard struggle in their weight journey and he explains his struggle in these words

 “I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and have been working my ass off to get to his point.”

His trainer Kevin Klug is a good supporter of his weight loss journey and also motivates him. He also admires the help of Kevin Klug in these beautiful words,

 “I really wanna thank my buddy Klug Fitness for sticking with me through the crazy schedule and setbacks.”

Combs and his wife plan to cut down the extra fat in the body. His girlfriend Nicole Hocking also helps him as an active participant in Comb’s weight loss journey. This is a good time for a comb because there is a good bonding between them. They had a good time and also motivated each other.

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They make a proper diet plan for weight loss. He stopped his dieting when he lost a football bet with his keyboard player which name is Neil Tankersley. He never followed the vegan diet plan and failed in just 30 days. After this combs says these words

‘’Did I honor the bet for the whole 90 days? No, I did not. I made it just over a month, and I just was like, ‘Man, I don’t really want to do this anymore.’

So, I made a bet with my key’s player anyway, and I really debated on just firing him if I had to do the whole 90 days. So no, he was cool with me giving up.’’

Let’s have look at Luke Combs Weight Loss journey and his routine, diet plan and before-after difference. We also discuss the reason for gaining weight and when he has decided to lose weight.


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Diet plan

He follows a vegan diet plan his girlfriend also follows this diet plan. The diet plan is based on totally cutting down on junk food and meat and alcoholic drinks. The comb is a food lover and meat in his one interview he says

 “I am currently 11 days into my vegan trip.” To put it another way, I’m still alive. I eat a lot of protein bard and veggies.”

he describes his situation by saying,

“If you don’t have a notion about being vegan, it’s no animal products no matter what.” There is no meat, milk, cheese, or butter. And believe me, it stinks and isn’t good. I know it’ll be difficult, but I’m confident I’ll get through it.”

Combs do struggle to achieve a good diet plan but unfortunately failed badly. but he never fad up he puts his full effort into losing weight and his girlfriend supports him in this task. he plans a healthy diet plan and minimizes the consumption of meat and junk food.

Workout plan

As we know the diet plan doesn’t work well but the workout plan is more effective .kvin Klug is the personal trainer of Luke Comb .kvin Klug also has a fitness club named Klug Fitness Club.

He describes their effort toward him in this word “He was a great help to me and helped me improve my discipline.

” Give him a call if you’re in Nashville and need your ass kicked. Because he knows how to stomp.”

Combs also added daily jogging to his routine which also helped him to lose weight.


Who is Luke Combs?

The full name of Luke Combs is Luke Albert Combs. He was born on March 2, 1990. Luke was the only child of his parents. He is an American country music singer and also a songwriter. His passion is the music he began performing as a child. Especially performing at Carnegie Hall. He loves the music he performs in his school as a vocalist.

When Luke Combs in the age of 8 years his family moved to Asheville North Carolina. He dropped out of his studies to continue his music career. Luke has many successes in music but he also faces other problems. Luke has anxiety and primarily obsessional obsessive-compulsive disorder in adolescence age.

He also gaining weight along with other problems. He also struggles with weight loss. We also discuss the reason for gaining weight and when he has decided to lose weight.

Why did Luke Combs gain weight?

As we know Luke Comb is a famous singer he also gained popularity and fame in people most people liked him but he moved toward the heavyweight due to his anxiety problem and primarily obsessional obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many people dislike him the reason is over-weighted of combs body.

Why did he decide to lose weight?

In 2016 he released the first single hurricane. He received so much fame. But along with this success, he also received a lot of negative comments due to his overweight body. Obesity is the mother of many diseases and Combs also faces many problems due to his weight so he decides to lose weight to maintain his body and stabilize his health.

Luke Combs Before And After

luke combs weight loss

Combs lost 10 pounds with a hard workout plan he describes his achievement as

“yes I have lost 10 pounds and I know it is something great for a food lover like me.”

Before starting any workout or diet plan the weight of the comb is 226 pounds. but after spending some time with the trainer and adding a diet plan and also putting in too much struggle their weight of combs is 216 pounds which is 98 kg.


This article is about Luke Comb’s weight loss journey…this article has also a message for you if you first fail don’t give up try again and again and you get the result that you achieve your goals. belief in yourself.


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