Weight Loss Liz Torres weight loss| Diet Plan And Workout Routine

 Liz Torres weight loss| Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Famous American actress, singer, and comedian miss Elizabeth Torres was born in new york on September 27, 1947. She received her primary and secondary education in new york. she married the movie producer Pete locker. Mr. Pete Locke is the founder of the Kushner-Locke company. Liz Torres is mostly famous for her comedy series.

She also sings in city nightclubs. Liz Torres is the most celebrity in the aspect of weight loss. most peoples are curious to know about Liz Torres weight loss journey. As we all know 73 years old actress surprise her fans with her new smart look that is very impressive. In this article, we discuss all the main events of Liz Torres’s weight loss journey.

Why did Liz Torres gain weight?

The main reason behind her gaining weight is her age and unhealthy lifestyle. Liz Torres is also a foody person so he gains weight with time.in her interview she says

“I m heavy. This is reality. I don’t’ kick myself about it, but I don’t think I look fabulous in my clothes. I know that in my suits I look like a box walking down the street. That’s the thing that hurts me most.”

She also explained how reading magazines and looking at models also hurt her body image and mental health, that she had to refrain from watching and dreaming that one day she would fit into those tiny clothes.

Why Did Liz Torres Decide To Lose Weight?

As we know Liz Torres was famous for her fashion sense and beauty. when she gain weight no one noticed her because of her heavy-weighted body. With the passage, she lost her place in Hollywood and heavyweight also makes her an unhealthy woman. she decides to lose weight because she wants to be famous again.That is the turning point of Liz Torres’s life.

Weight loss journey of Liz Torres

When Lizz Torres feels insecure due to her over-weighted body then she decides to lose weight.The initial weight of Liz is 250 pounds. Liz started her weight loss journey in 2008. in starting Liz face a very difficult time but after some time it becomes a habit.During her weight loss journey in her interview, she says

“I would go on the set and people would not look at me. they also tend not to hear you. you have to make them focus on you. if I want to be heard I have that command but a lot of heavy women don’t. when I see someone heavy working on television I say, ‘oh, god go girl. you do it.’ you know, it shouldn’t stop your life.”

Liz Torres Gastric Bypass Surgery

In many article,s people say Liz Torres had surgery but there is no proof that she did any surgery or not.

Gastric bypass, also called Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) gastric bypass, is a type of weight-loss surgery and most people youed that. This is a very expansive and painful process not every person afford that.

The most doctor doesn’t recommend that because that is very harmful to the body. and many people say Liz does gastric bypass surgery to reduce her weight.The side effects of that surgery were Liz’s face looked older and now she is smart but unhealthy.

 Liz Torres’s Diet plan

She works hard to reduce her weight she starts eating healthy food but is vegetarian and does yoga daily to keep her body healthy and fit. She is also concerned with a nutritionist for a proper effective diet plan and that works.

Her daily diet is she ate white toast during breakfast most of the time she takes coffee in her breakfast she also uses curd and salad. In the afternoon she takes fish and fresh vegetables. and late frozen food at night.

Liz cut down all alcoholic supplements from her diet and avoided fast food.

 Liz Torres’s Workout plan

She starts walking in the early morning at 4:00 am. she does her favorite exercise skipping rope daily. She also joins a gym to lose weight and do exercises that are mainly affected by losing the weight of her knees and legs. Daily exercise reduces her extra fat in the body.

Before and After

Liz Torres

Before starting the weight loss journey her weight is 250 pounds and after doing exercise and hard struggle to lose weight now her weight is 63kg.

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When she appears after losing her weight that gives shocked her fans they were all very impressed by her hard struggle in the weight loss journey. That makes her a celebrity. and you notice a big difference when you see the picture of Liz before weight loss and after weight loss.

We learned from Liz’s life that you can do everything if you struggle for that and she does and achieve her goals in life.


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