Weight LossKit Hoover Weight Loss Secrets| Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Kit Hoover Weight Loss Secrets| Diet Plan And Workout Routine

If you watch fox news channel and ESPN you must know about Hollywood pleasant personality Kit Hoover. With energetic face Kit Hoover always maintains her fitness and she is most famous because of her fitness. Kit Hoover weight loss becomes the talk of the town. Her weight loss is all because of her healthy and modern lifestyle.

Kit Hoover always eats clean diet. Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle, she also loved running. In this article, we will also take a look at the Kit’s life style and tell the inside scoop on how to lose weight.

Kit’s weight loss journey

Kit Hoover born in Atlanta Georgia on 29 July 1970.she began her career in 1995. Kit’s reporting skills are great and impressive. Along with her career Kit pays lot of attention to her fitness. She always adopted healthy lifestyle. Strictly follow her clean eating routine. She has maintained her weight steadily for the past few years. Kit’s weight is 57 kg and it fluctuates a little.

This weight is maintained only because she is very careful about what she eats. Kit’s weight loss is not surprising for people. Because she was not overweight .she was only chubby in the starting. Kit was just shedding her excess

Kit’s diet plan for weight loss

Diet plan plays an important role in losing weight and keeping it off. Kit made a diet plan her diet plan is not very strict but she strictly followed it. she wake up early in the morning. She drinks lot of water in a day.


Kit Hoover take coffee in the morning and also drink green juice made with green apple, spinach, lemon, ginger, flaxseeds and cucumber.


She eats egg omelet with cheese, spinach and mushrooms. Kit Also eat snacks like frozen yogurt with dark chocolate topping.


Kit Hoover eats burger made with wheat bun topping with lettuce, tomato, cheese, mustard and mayo. Along with this she always eats healthy food. Kit avoid from carbs, processed and dairy food. All these things not only maintain your weight but also keep you healthy.

Kit’s Workout plan for weight loss

Kit goes for running couple of miles in the morning. She loves running Kit went for running with her father when she was young. She maintained her routine. Now due to busy routine she goes for running only Saturday and Sunday.

She also did 100 pushups in daily routine. She did yoga also. According to the Kit running and exercising is also a great way to relieve your stress. Exercising keeps you fit as make you positive.

Kit Hoover’s plastic surgery

Kit Hoover confessed that she had undergone plastic surgery in the past. This plastic surgery just change her face structure and reduce her face mass. Kit did not talk about this plastic surgery in detail.

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Final words

Kit Hoover’s life shows that adopting healthy lifestyle can improve your health and keep you fit forever. Make Diet and exercise your routine. Follow your diet plan and workout strictly. Keep yourself positive. Thanks to the Kit’s diet plan and running that maintained Kit Hoover weight loss.


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