Weight LossKelly Doty Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Kelly Doty Weight Loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine [2024]

Kelly’s weight was always a concerning issue for her. But people were surprised. When they see her new appearance on the show. People spread rumors that she was undergoing surgery for weight loss. But all these rumors were wrong. She naturally lost her weight. Now the question is how she lost her weight. Let’s find out the answer and obviously, the answer will be found through Kelly Doty’s weight loss journey, diet, and workout plan.

Kelly Doty is a well-renowned American tattoo artist. She was born in Connecticut on the 10th of July 1983. The 37-year-old tattoo artist was always one of the best tattoo artists, but her popularity sky-rocketed when people saw her talents on their TV screens.

Early Life & Career

When Kelly joined the reality TV show Ink Masters’s 8th season, only the American tattoo community knew about her. However, after her appearance on Ink Masters, she got international fame and recognition. She made the finale but couldn’t win the whole thing, in the end coming at 2nd position.

After the finale, her life totally flipped. The fame she got after the finale was so much that the producers asked her to join a spin-off of the original Ink Masters. So, Kelly joined the spin-off show called Ink Master Angels as a judge. With all this exposure, her client list got bigger and bigger with each passing day, and that is when she decided to open up her gallery.

She now owns a gallery by the name of Helheim Gallery, and according to Business Insider and Forbes, Kelly now has a net worth of over $1.5 million. For a tattoo artist, that’s not bad at all. It wasn’t only the tattoo art that made Kelly such a fan favorite; it was the stories behind her tattoos that interested her fans and tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

She also boasts of herself as a fiction writer but only to the extent of writing backstories for her tattoos. In her own words, she specializes in “spooky illustrated fairy tales” and “pop surrealist work.” Every character she draws onto a person has a backstory which makes the whole experience that much more special.

However, recently she turned heads for a different reason. When Kelly was on Ink Master, she was a bit on the heavy side. However, when she joined Ink Master Angels as a judge, she looked different. She had lost some weight since her appearance as a contestant on Ink Master. Let’s see how it all happened.

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey

Anyone who has been following Kelly from her Ink Master days will know that she was a bit chubby, but she won’t be considered overweight. However, showing up as a contestant on a TV reality show is one thing but being a judge is a whole different thing. After the finale and before the start of Ink Master Angels, she lost around 10 pounds in between.

We don’t really know what triggered the so-called Kelly Doty weight loss journey, but we guess it had to do something with looking good on the TV screen. Maybe she felt that she needed to change after watching herself on TV, or maybe the producers of Ink Master Angels asked her to make some changes for this lifetime opportunity of judging a TV reality show.

Whatever it was that motivated Kelly to lose some weight and start leading a healthy life, it definitely worked out for Kelly.

Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kelly has been a TV show judge, but she hasn’t given too many public interviews where she talked about her weight loss journey. Most of the information that we have about Kelly Doty’s weight loss is from her Instagram and her interaction with fans on other social media platforms. Here is what we know about her diet throughout the day:


As opposed to most people, Kelly keeps her breakfast very light. She starts her day with a cup of green tea and some snacks. Snacks can include different nuts, oatmeal, and sometimes some fresh fruit slices. Kelly’s breakfast plan is very different from other people’s, but it works for her and helps her maintain the weight so no one’s complaining.


After a light breakfast, she eats a healthy and full lunch. We don’t exactly know what she likes to eat for lunch, but we do know what she avoids at all costs. Kelly stays away from oily foods. Her lunch mostly consists of fresh vegetables and fruit salads, and she occasionally enjoys some fish to keep her protein levels in check.


Just like lunch, Kelly’s dinner is also oil-free. She does make sure she gets all the necessary nutrients the body needs, but she keeps it healthy. Instead of eating food full of carbs, she chooses to eat food with high fiber content and high vitamins.

The most important part of Kelly’s diet plan is that she doesn’t skip any meal, and she eats everything in moderation. So you see, Kelly’s diet plan is simple and, evidently, effective too.

Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss Workout Routine

We feel that to lose weight- a good workout routine holds more importance than a diet plan. If you have a good enough workout routine, no matter what you eat, you will be able to shred it off. However, that doesn’t mean you should let loose on food. The perfect blend of a good diet plan and workout routine will help you maintain a healthy and fit figure.

As for Kelly’s workout routine, it is just as simple as her diet plan. Her workout routine only has two steps; one is weight lifting, and the other is walks. Weight lifting helps with muscle building and getting rid of the extra carbs and fat from your body. Daily long walks keep the whole body fresh and active throughout the day.

So, if you look at Kelly’s workout routine, it seems too simple to be effective, but it is very effective. It has helped her not only lose around 10 pounds but is helping her lose more because she continues this workout routine even today.


People are always interested in how their favorite celebrity made the body transformation. Mostly it happens that their diet plans and workouts are an expensive deal that can be difficult to follow. However, once in a while, a celebrity shows us that losing weight and achieving your dream body is not too difficult. The Kelly Doty weight loss journey proves that.

A very easy-to-follow diet plan and an even simpler workout routine will help you lose those extra pounds, so get started today. Instead of going for unhealthy diets like KETO and whatnot, always look for more natural and sustainable options because their effects last longer.

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