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James Samuel Harris, famously known as Jimmy Jam, is an American songwriter and music producer. The 62-year old has had a very successful music career and has worked with some of the best artists of our age.

Along with his high school friend, Terry Steven Lewis, Jimmy Jam has had numerous top ten hits in the UK as well as in the US. The duo’s most famous and successful collaboration was with Janet Jackson way back in the 1980s.

The tasteful R&B and Pop music of Jimmy and Lewis helped them establish quite a fan base. The duo even won multiple Grammy Awards and received multiple nominations during the 1980s to 2000s.

Recently, Jimmy Jam made headlines once again for two very different reasons. Once when he won the Soul Train Music Legend Award in 2019, and the other headlines were Jimmy Jam weight loss.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Journey:

At a recent public outing, Jimmy Jam seemed to have lost so much weight that fans were actually worried about his health thinking he was suffering from some sort of illness.

Just a few years back, Jimmy was on a red carpet event with her daughter, visibly overweight. The gained weight was a testament to Jimmy’s continuous struggle with maintaining a healthy body. But then something changed.

A few months after that red carpet event, Jimmy attended another event with her wife, but he was a changed man. He had lost about half of his weight in FIVE months.

The transformation was so unbelievable that it became a trending topic on every social media platform. Some fans even started claiming that Jimmy was ill, kind of like the rumors people started about Andrea Bocelli’s weight loss.

One reason fans made so many speculations is that Jimmy leads quite a private life, despite being a celebrity. Because Jimmy rarely answers personal questions, Jimmy’s wife Lisa was the one who told an interviewer that Jimmy lost about 25 pounds within the FIVE months after January 2018.

Lisa also talked about how Jimmy followed a strict diet plan and workout routines to achieve this incredible transformation.

How Did Jimmy Lose Weight?

Keith Sweat- a long-time friend and a fellow singer- did debunk the speculations about Jimmy suffering from any illness, long before her wife’s clarifications.

Keith told the press that Jimmy’s transformation was the result of a change in his lifestyle. Adapting a nutritional and healthy diet and going to the gym every day helped Jimmy a lot.

So, if you are one of those fans who believe that Jimmy is suffering from some illness that caused the weight loss, you can finally stop worrying.

Some people on social media also said that the only way he lost so much weight so quickly is because he opted to undergo various surgeries, which is nothing but lies.

Whenever a celebrity goes through a weight loss, surgery is the first thing that pops into people’s minds, but it’s rarely the case.

These celebs really care about their health, as everyone should, which is why they are willing to make various sacrifices to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

That is exactly what Jimmy Jam did. Making changes to his diet and following an intense workout routine to lose the extra pounds.

Jimmy Jam Diet Plan

Losing as much as 25 pounds within FIVE to SIX months is no easy feat, and part of the reason Jimmy was successful in losing this much weight in such a short time is his diet plan.

Jimmy hasn’t given a detailed list of his diet, but after scraping through various interviews, here is a broad idea of Jimmy’s diet, which helped him lose weight and still helps him maintain the weight as well.

  • Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Jimmy keeps it very healthy. Eating only fried salads in breakfast, Jimmy keeps it light and healthy but nutritional. Another important part of his breakfast is green tea. Instead of sipping on coffee, he enjoys a cup of green tea every day after breakfast.
  • Lunch: As every fit person does, Jimmy also follows a diet enriched with proteins and fiber. Jimmy mostly eats fish and vegetables for lunch- salmon fish and broccoli or brussels sprouts. The fish brings the proteins and fats to keep the body’s energy levels high, and the vegetables provide the fiber. A balanced diet to balance his body weight, even at 62 years of age.
  • Dinner: Dinner is a unique part of Jimmy’s diet plan. For dinner, Jimmy eats a black bean-quinoa buddha bowl. A whole-grain dish with nothing but beans and vegetables to help with weight loss as well as providing strength and energy to the body.

You can see that it is a strict diet plan, but to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it’s totally worth it.

Jimmy Jam Workout Routine

We were lucky to find about Jimmy’s diet plan. However, we couldn’t find much about his workout routine. The most we know about Jimmy’s workout routine is that he likes to wake up early and go for long walks. After a walk, he goes to the gym for two hours every day. At the gym, he focuses mostly on weight lifting.

That’s pretty much all we know about Jimmy’s workout routine. As we said earlier, he hasn’t talked too much about how he lost his weight. But, spending two hours in the gym, he must be doing something that helped him lose so much weight in so little time.

Early Life of Jimmy Jam

James ‘Jimmy’ Samuel was a Minneapolis native. Cornbread Harris, his father, was also a well-known musician. Jimmy was very young when he discovered the joy of music. Jimmy performed in high school with Lewis as his music partner.

As he grew up, so did his passion for music. From forming bands in the university to touring with Morris Day and Prince- Jimmy’s early life was filled with musical experiences, which helped Jimmy and Lewis make the switch from amateur performers to the best band of the 1980s.

Musical Career of Jimmy Jam

Once Jimmy and Lewis made their own record company by the name of Flyte Tyme, there was no stopping them. They received a record ELEVEN nominations for “Best Producer Of The Year” at the Grammys and did win FIVE Grammys in various categories, including Best R&B Song and Best R&B Album.

Now, Jimmy has TWO more record labels by the name of Tabu and Perspective.

Both Jimmy and Lewis have produced for some music legends like Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carrey, and most recently, they worked with Usher too.

Looking back at all the struggle, the success, and the achievements, Jimmy’s career is nothing short of legendary.

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