Weight LossJessica Simpson Weight Loss Story | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Story | Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Jessica Simpson the American singer, actress, and fashion designer has been candid about her journey with weight loss and body image. After giving birth to her third child in 2019 Simpson made a commitment to improve her overall health and lose weight. Jessica Simpson weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many, and fans have been curious about how she achieved such impressive results.

From her struggles with emotional eating to her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey is an inspiring story of dedication, perseverance, and self-care.

How Did Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey Begin?

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress and entrepreneur who has been in the spotlight for over two decades. She rose to fame with her pop albums and reality show with her ex-husband Nick Lachey and later expanded her brand with a successful fashion line and a memoir.

But Jessica has also faced challenges and struggles, especially with her weight and body image. She has been candid about her weight fluctuations over the years and how she dealt with criticism and pressure from the media and the public.

In 2019, Jessica gave birth to her third child, Birdie Mae, and revealed that she weighed 240 pounds at the end of her pregnancy. She decided to embark on a weight loss journey to get back to her health and confidence and stunned her fans and followers with her transformation.

In this article, we will try to explore how Jessica Simpson lost 100 pounds in six months after her third pregnancy and what she did to maintain her weight loss and wellness. We will also share some tips and insights from her trainer, Harley Pasternak who helped her achieve her goals.

How Did Jessica Simpson Lose 100 Pounds After Her Third Pregnancy

Simpson’s weight loss journey was not an easy one. After giving birth to her daughter in 2019 she realized that she had gained a significant amount of weight and was struggling with her body image. She decided to make a change and committed to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Simpson worked with a personal trainer and followed a balanced diet that included plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. She also started her day with a cup of hot water and lemon which is known to aid in digestion and help with weight loss.

In addition to her diet Simpson incorporated high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training into her workout routine which helped her build lean muscle and increase her metabolism. She worked out with her trainer 3-4 times a week and also made sure to stay active throughout the day by taking walks and doing other physical activities.

jessica simpson

However, Simpson’s weight loss journey was not just about diet and exercise. She also struggled with emotional eating and body image issues which she addressed through therapy and self-care practices. She credits her commitment to practicing mindfulness and self-care with helping her maintain her weight loss and overall wellness.

Simpson’s weight loss journey has also inspired her to launch a successful line of activewear that features affordable and stylish workout clothes for women of all sizes. She hopes to empower women to feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies, regardless of their size or shape.

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey was not easy or quick. It took her three years of hard work, determination, self-love, and patience to shed the extra pounds and feel comfortable in her own skin.

She worked with Harley Pasternak a celebrity trainer and nutritionist who has also coached stars like Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Megan Fox. Pasternak is the author of The Body Reset Diet, a 15-day plan that promises to help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and improve your health.

Pasternak designed a holistic approach for Jessica that focused on five healthy habits walking, eating well, sleeping, unplugging, and resistance training. He also avoided using scales or measuring tapes and instead relied on how Jessica felt and looked.

Here are the five healthy habits that Jessica Simpson followed to lose 100 pounds after her third pregnancy

Mental Wellness: Mindfulness and Self-Care

Walking: Pasternak started Jessica by walking 6,000 steps a day and gradually increased it to 14,000 steps a day. Walking is a low-impact exercise that burns calories, improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress and boosts mood. Jessica walked with her kids her husband Eric Johnson and her friends to make it more fun and social.

Eating well: Pasternak advised Jessica to eat three balanced meals and two snacks a day from The Body Reset Diet. Each meal consisted of protein, fiber and healthy fat while each snack was a combination of protein and fiber or protein and fat. These foods helped Jessica feel full, satisfied, energized and nourished. Some examples of Jessica’s meals are scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado for breakfast, grilled chicken salad with quinoa for lunch, salmon with roasted vegetables for dinner, almonds with apple slices for snack, and Greek yogurt with berries for dessert.

Sleeping: Pasternak encouraged Jessica to get at least seven hours of quality sleep every night. Sleep is essential for weight loss because it regulates hormones that control appetite and metabolism. It also helps repair muscles, reduce inflammation, lower stress levels, and improve mood. Jessica made sleep a priority by following a consistent bedtime routine, avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed, keeping her bedroom dark and cool, and using a white noise machine.

Unplugging: Pasternak asked Jessica to limit her screen time to one hour a day. Screen time includes watching TV, browsing social media, checking emails, playing video games, or using any other electronic device. Screen time can interfere with weight loss by disrupting sleep patterns, increasing stress hormones, exposing you to negative or unrealistic images, and tempting you to snack mindlessly. She was unplugged by reading books, meditating, spending time with her family or doing other hobbies that made her happy.

Jessica Simpson’s Workout routine

Jessica Simpson weight loss

She shared on Instagram. “6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240 😜)
My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for many reasons, but so proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder.”

Jessica Simpson has been dedicated to maintaining a consistent exercise routine, which has played a significant role in her weight loss and overall wellness. Her workout regimen includes a mix of cardiovascular activities, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Some key components of her fitness routine are:

Resistance training: Pasternak added resistance training to Jessica’s workout routine three times a week for 45 minutes each session. That training is a type of exercise that involves using weights and bands machines or your own body weight to create tension in your muscles. Resistance training helps you build strength and tone your body to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Jessica did exercises like squats,  lunges, push-ups, rows,  curls, and tricep extensions to work for all her major muscle groups.

Cardiovascular exercise: Jessica engages in regular cardiovascular workouts, such as walking, running, or using the elliptical machine. These activities help her burn calories, improve heart health, and increase her overall fitness level.

Strength training: Alongside cardio, Jessica also incorporates strength training exercises, targeting different muscle groups to build lean muscle mass and increase her metabolism.

Flexibility and mobility: To maintain her flexibility and prevent injury Jessica includes stretching and yoga in her fitness routine.

Rest and recovery: Recognizing the importance of rest and recovery Jessica schedules rest days and avoids overtraining, allowing her body to recover and grow stronger.

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson’s Diet routine

Diet: Nutritious and Balanced

A crucial factor in Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey has been her focus on a healthy and balanced diet. She has worked closely with her personal trainer and nutritionist to create a meal plan that meets her specific needs. Some key aspects of her diet include:

Portion control: By eating smaller portions Jessica has been able to keep her calorie intake in check, which has contributed to her weight loss.

Whole foods: Jessica’s diet emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. These nutrient-dense options have helped her feel satisfied and energized throughout the day.

Protein: Including sufficient protein in her diet has been essential for Jessica as it helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass while also promoting satiety.

Hydration: Drinking plenty of water has been a priority for Jessica as it not only helps to maintain optimal bodily functions but also aids in weight loss by reducing hunger and supporting digestion.

How Jessica Simpson Maintained Her Weight Loss And Wellness

Losing weight is one thing but maintaining it is another challenge altogether. Many people who lose weight tend to regain it over time due to various factors such as lifestyle changes, stress, boredom, emotional eating or lack of motivation.

However, Jessica Simpson has managed to maintain her weight loss and wellness for over three years since she reached her goal. How did she do it?

The answer is simple she kept doing what she was doing. She continued to follow Pasternak’s five habits every day without fail. Jessica did not go back to her old habits or indulge in unhealthy foods or behaviors. She did not let herself slip or give up. She also learned to love herself and appreciate her body for what it can do rather than how it looks.

Jessica Simpson Just Responded to her viral video

In a recent Instagram post Jessica Simpson addressed the hateful comments she received on social media although she did not specify where the hate came from. She expressed compassion for those who spread negativity and reminded her followers that everyone has bad days and insecurities. Simpson encouraged her followers to stay true to themselves and not give up on their dreams ending with the message that nothing and nobody will rob her of her joy.

Jessica Simpson respond

In her memoir Open Book Simpson has been candid about her struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. She revealed that she was sexually abused as a child and used alcohol and stimulants to cope with the trauma but it ultimately hurt her in the long run. She has since achieved sobriety and celebrated her fourth year of sobriety with an Instagram post where she shared her journey of accepting failure, pain, brokenness, and self-sabotage. She emphasized that the real work she had to do was to love and respect herself and to own her personal power with soulful courage.

Jessica Simpson’s Instagram.

Jessica simpson

“This person in the early morning of Nov 1, 2017 is an unrecognizable version of myself. I had so much self-discovery to unlock and explore. I knew in this very moment I would allow myself to take back my light, show victory over my internal battle of self-respect and brave this world with piercing clarity. Personally to do this I needed to stop drinking alcohol because it kept my mind and heart circling in the same direction and quite honestly I was exhausted. I wanted to feel the pain so I could carry it like a badge of honor. I wanted to live as a leader does and break cycles to advance forward- never looking back with regret and remorse over any choice I have made and would make for the rest of my time here within this beautiful world.

I can’t believe it has been 4yrs! It feels like maybe 2. I think that is a good thing. Ha. There is so much stigma around the word alcoholism or the label of an alcoholic. The real work that needed to be done in my life was to actually accept failure, pain, brokenness, and self-sabotage. The drinking wasn’t the issue. I was. I didn’t love myself. I didn’t respect my own power. Today I do. I have made nice with the fears and I have accepted the parts of my life that are just sad. I own my personal power with soulful courage. I am wildly honest and comfortably open. I am free.”

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Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey is a testament to the power of dedication, self-care, and a healthy lifestyle. Her commitment to overcoming emotional eating and body image issues has inspired many and her success serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

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