Weight LossJennifer Brady Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jennifer Brady Weight Loss | Diet Plan and Workout Routine [2024]

Jennifer Brady has been making waves in the tennis world for quite some years now. Recently, she made headlines for reaching the Australian Open final in 2021 but lost to the incredible Naomi Osaka.

She had an incredible run in the Australian Open, just as she has had a great overall season. And fans are crediting Jennifer’s hard work and dedication for her recent rise in the rankings. During the Australian Open, fans were quick to notice that Jennifer looked different. Her fitness is improved, and she now looks a lot more muscly.

And that’s how rumors about the Jennifer Brady weight loss began. But are those rumors only, or is there some truth to these? Let’s find out.

Did Jennifer Brady Lose Weight?

Although no one knows for sure, and Jennifer herself hasn’t talked about it either, it’s pretty obvious that she has undergone some physical changes. However, she didn’t undergo any significant weight loss. Comparing her latest and older pictures, it’s visible that she has transformed that curvy figure into a slender and toned physique.

Considering she is a professional athlete, this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. It is common for professional athletes, especially tennis stars, to undergo physical changes. During the off-season, tennis players often end up gaining some weight. But as soon as a tournament knocks on the door, it doesn’t take them too long to get back to their best shape. But did Jennifer opt for any special diet plan or specific workouts to gain this toned body?

Jennifer Brady’s Weight Loss Journey

There is no such thing as the Jennifer Brady weight loss journey because she was never overweight. She is an active tennis player for over seven years now and, throughout her career, her physique has only improved.

And since she is a professional athlete, she has a well-planned diet plan and a meticulous workout routine that she follows to not only maintain her physique but also improve on it.

Jennifer is a very aggressive player, which means she needs a lot of stamina to compete at the highest level in the way that she plays. And because she hasn’t talked about any aspect of her diet or workout routines at all, we can only guess what kind of diet she follows and what workouts she might perform to stay in shape for long and aggressive tennis tournaments.

Jennifer Brady Weight Loss Diet

We are still waiting for Jennifer to tell us her weight loss diet plan, and maybe someday she’ll answer one of our several comments under her Instagram posts. But until then, we can only tell you about a generic diet that an athlete like Jennifer Brady follows to maintain their fitness levels.

Jennifer avoids all sorts of junk food and packaged food as those are the real culprits of fat gain. To increase stamina and gain actual muscle mass, Jennifer Brady must follow a vegetable-based diet plan that’s full of proteins. Moreover, if you are looking to achieve a toned body like Jennifer, you have to shun carbohydrates, high sugar intake, and alcohol.

Jennifer Brady Weight Loss Workout Routine

Tennis is one of the most demanding sports. You need a lot of stamina, speed, power, and control. Practicing all of these things makes for some rigorous workouts. Just like her diet plan, Jennifer hasn’t talked about what workouts she does on a daily basis.

However, we can guess that her workouts include weight lifting and lots and lots of cardio. To develop speed and stamina to run all over the tennis court, we are sure that she spends a lot of time on the treadmill.

Aside from gym workouts, a few tennis practice sessions are more than enough workouts to maintain her fitness levels. But the problem with too many tennis sessions is the high chance of injury. So, we think Jennifer workouts more in the gym and only has a handful of full-fledged tennis practice.


Jennifer made her debut in 2014, and she has been playing non-stop since then. So, it is natural that her physical appearance is changing. As she plays more, she is bound to gain more fitness which will result in less fat and more muscles.

We are pretty sure it would have been tough for her to maintain the workout routine when she suffered the left foot injury, but we hope she gets back to her best soon to entertain her fans.

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