Weight LossIssa Rae weight loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Issa Rae weight loss | Diet Plan And Workout Routine

The other name of Issa Rae is jo-Issa Rae Diop. Issa was born on January 12, 1985, in California. By profession, Issa Rae is an American actress writer-producer, and comedian also. She is married to her friend and longtime partner Diane, and he is a businessman.

Issa Rae got her schooling from king drew magnet high school of medicine and science. Rae passed her graduation from Stanford University. After graduation, she starts taking classes at the new york film academy.

Issa Rae has done many series and projects on television. She also works in many shows and movies including insecure the photograph the love birds and the most famous and popular work awkward black girl.

After this Rae got great success and a fan following. Issa gain weight when she worked on comedy-drama Insecure. From this time Issa Rae weight loss journey started.

Issa Rae’s weight loss journey

Issa Rae weight loss journey started in 2016 after the release of Insecure, as we know she is a famous actress and she has a great number of fans. The fans of Issa follow her due to her figure and beauty.

Issa Rae is also very concerned about her fitness and health. She watched herself daily on the show. One when watching her show she feels that she is gaining weight. Issa observed that she was not looking good after gaining weight.

Why did Issa Rae decide to weigh loss?

Issa Rae is famous for her personality lifestyle acting and being a YouTuber. Many people follow her lifestyle and personality. When she started work as an Awkward black girl during working she got little weight and she was looking good with this weight but after some when she was doing the HBO television Series insecure she feels her weight is an issue that a point or moment when she decides to weight loss after this she gives full attention to her weight to reduce it.

Issa started workout join the gym and following the strict diet plan that helps her lose weight. In a few years, she loses 50 pounds with great effort.

Issa Rae’s diet plan

As we know she is a famous actress she goes to different places and restaurants. regular intake of junk food is the main reason for gaining weight. Before starting a diet plan she has to cut down this habit of eating from her routine.She gives the reason for gaining weight in these words

“When you get to a new job, you will be like, ‘I can afford to eat at restaurants all the time!’ which adds additional pounds to your weight,”

Issa said she was following the paleo-leaning diet in her weight loss journey. Issa’s diet is based on lean meat, fish, fruits vegetables, nuts, and seeds. She mostly used fruits and green vegetables that have rich fiber in them that keep Issa active and fit. Her diet is also named as stone-age diet.

Issa Rae’s workout plan

Issa Rae adopts a simple workout plan but she does it regularly her workout plan includes walking. she goes for a morning walk daily and also a join gym for health and fitness of body that keep them fit and active all day.

California is a hilly area and walking is difficult in that type of place but Issa keeps walking and adds it as a daily exercise. When she started walking daily that became easy for Issa. She also adds jogging with walking is more effective on it. And she loses 50 pounds.

Issa Rae’s Weight Loss Surgery

As we know surgery is an expensive and painful method for weight loss. but still, most people go for surgery for weight loss. but many people can’t afford it. Many people say on Instagram and Facebook about Issa Rae that she does surgery for weight loss but she never. In her interview, she never talks about any surgery.

She loses her weight through py natural process as we read in the upper heading she adopts a vegetarian diet plan and does work out for weight loss. She is also concerned with a nutritionist for a proper diet plan when she lost 50 pounds nutritionist said that 130 pounds are healthy for Issa’s body.
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Before and After

If we make a comparison between before and after Issa’s weight loss we see a big difference that clearly shows and that difference tells us about their struggle with Issa in her weight loss journey. Issa is a woman who is seriously concerned about their health and overweight body.

issa rae


When we see the before and after weight loss picture we also notice a change in the face she also reduces her face fat. Which enhances the features of Issa’s face and she looks more attractive.

issa rae before after

As Issa Rae is very serious about maintaining her body weight and health. she always pays attention to herself like this every woman follows Issa Rae to keep fit and healthy. She also enjoys her life but also keeps herself fit. that make an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

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