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How To Get Bigger Hands?

People often ask the question, how to get bigger hands? But what they really should be asking is, can your hands get bigger? The simple answer is no.

Wishing your hands could get bigger is like wishing you could get taller. However, it stops happening after you reach a certain age. But when you go into details, the science changes.

Of course, the bones stop growing after hitting a certain age, but the muscles do not. There are more than 30 muscles in your hand.

You can do certain exercises and follow certain tricks to strengthen the muscles and increase their flexibility.

We don’t know about bigger, but after reading this article, you will certainly know how to get thicker hands?

With the increase in flexibility, the grip and strength of your hands will increase as well, and your hands will feel bigger and stronger than before.

These bigger and stronger hands will help you play some ball sports like football, basketball, and baseball in a better way. So, these tips and tricks are especially helpful for athletes.

What To Do To Make Your Hands Bigger?

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You can’t increase the size of your hands because it depends on the size of your finger bones. So, once the growing cycle is complete, you can’t do much else.

So to make your hands bigger, you need to make them look muscular. A muscular hand will automatically seem bigger and stronger.

That is why most of the tips and exercises on our list are about strengthening and growing muscles. So, give these a try, and hopefully, you can make your hands bigger and thicker.




Plyometrics is a form of exercise that helps the body exert a large amount of force within a short amount of time. Jumping, skipping, hopping, and jump squats are a few examples of plyometric exercises.

When it comes to hands, the best plyometric exercise is battle rope training. When you do battle rope training, your hands, forearms, and biceps muscles are all strengthened.

The biggest advantage of beetle rope training is the increase in grip strength. Most gyms have to hire the best ac installation contractor to create pleasant training areas and a battle rope training area, and you can do it at home as well if you have the required space.

Work On Your Wrists

Work on Your Wrist

Working on your wrists will be a great help in increasing the handgrip and strength. Try and do some exercises that put tension on your wrists, but make sure not to overdo it and sprain your wrist.

When you do wrist exercises, the wrist size will increase, and in turn, you will get bigger hands.

The best way to work your wrists is to use dumbbells. Instead of doing the bicep training, just twist your wrist with the dumbells, and you will see results over time.

Resistance bands are a good choice as well if you are worried about injury with dumbells.

Elastic Hand Band

Elastic Hand Band

If you are looking for a way on how to get bigger hands? And how to make your fingers thinner?

This is a 2-in-1 for you. Using an elastic hand band with your fingers and pushing it to the full extent will increase your hand’s strength.

You can buy purpose-built hand bands or just use elastic bands you already have in your drawer.

Insert your fingers in the bands and open and close the palm of your hand while contracting the fingers. This will work up the hand muscles and makes your fingers thinner as well.

Use A Hand Gripper

Use a hand gripper

A hand gripper is an instrument made to exercise the hands and the forearm. When used in the right manner, it improves your grip and strengthens the forearm muscles.

All you have to do is squeeze and hold the gripper for at least FIVE seconds before release. To see great results, you should do 1-3 sets of this exercise with 4-6 repetitions with each hand.

Do this every day, and you will start to feel the increase in grip and strength within a week.

Push-Ups With Your Fingers

push-ups with your finger

Pushups using only your fingers is a great way to get thinner fingers and bigger hands. In this variant of pushups, instead of using your palms, your body weight is put onto your fingers.

It’s like putting the entire weight onto the smallest table legs. 2-3 sets of up to 7 repetitions are more than enough for a day. If you feel like you can’t do that much, start with 1 set and go up from there.

Knuckle Push-Ups

Knuckle Push-Ups

If you feel like finger pushups are a bit out of your league, you can try knuckle pushups too.

Just close your fists, place them onto the ground knuckles first, and start doing pushups.

This is a great exercise for your wrists as well. Do the same routine as you do normally, or try the finger pushups routine of 2-3 sets a day.

Squeezing A Tennis Ball

Squeezing A Tennis Ball

You can also make your hands stronger and bigger by squeezing a tennis ball in your fists.

Squeezing a tennis or stress ball in each hand for an hour a day will strengthen the handgrip.

It also works the finger bones and muscles, increasing the strength and density of the muscles.

Make sure you use a ball that is firm and hard to squeeze. If you use a softball, the whole purpose is defeated.

Sand Bags & Punching Bags

Sand Bags & Punching Bags

Punching is a great way to strengthen your hands, fingers, and knuckles. The muscles get stronger and bigger.

But don’t go punching around walls or other people. Go to a nearby gym and start punching the punching bags.

You can also buy your own punching or sandbags to start this exercise at home.

Wooden Training Dummies

Wooden Training Dummies

If you have ever seen a kung fu or Chinese martial arts movie, you probably know what wooden training dummies are.

These are wooden dummies made to practice kicking and punching. Although you need an instructor to make sure you don’t injure yourself, these dummies vastly strengthen and harden your hands when you punch them.

They are also a great outlet to try out some kicks to harden the leg muscles and bones.

Grip Plate

Grip Plate

If you want to exercise and strengthen your hands quickly, we suggest some weight lifting. Not dumbells or kettlebells, but using the weight plates.

Weightlift the plates without the rod to engage your wrists and finger muscles. When you pick up a plate from the holes using your hands, the finger comes under extra stress to make sure you don’t drop it. This improves the grip and the power of your fingers.

Consume More Calories


If you are going to try all these tips, make sure you follow a diet to match the effort.

Alter your diet in a way that you consume more calories than you end up burning in the gym.

It doesn’t matter whether you want bigger hands, bigger arms, or bigger legs; the right diet is very important.

Make sure you consume high-quality calories that are beneficial instead of just making you feel full.

You need a mix of carbs, fats, and proteins in all your meals. Proteins, in particular, are needed if you want bigger hands and fingers.

Make Your Hands Work Hard

Hands Work Hard

Lastly, make your hands work hard. Wash the dishes at home and office, move the furniture around, wash the car yourself, etc.

Better yet, pick up a hobby or a part-time job that requires the use of the hand. For example, you can start work at a blacksmith’s workshop and forge some heavy weapons out of fire and metal.

The use of heavy machinery, hammers, and whatnot will certainly help make your hands bigger and stronger.

You can also pick up rock climbing as a hobby. When you climb, your hands have to lift your whole body weight, which is beneficial for your hands and arms, making them stronger.

Do your hands keep growing?

The development of the human body is estimated in a few distinct manners., particularly while thinking about the last phases of development. Most doctors consider the age at which the bones quit, developing longer to be the finish of development.

This is genuine while thinking about stature. When your bones quit developing longer, ( early adolescents for females, around 20 for guys), you will not get any taller, your hand and fingers will not get long. However, muscles can be developed at a lot later age, and bones and muscles can be fortified by legitimate eating regimen and exercise at mature ages.

What is the average hand size?

Hand sizes shift as indicated by an assortment of elements, including natural sex and age. Guys will in general have bigger hands than females. Grown-ups have bigger hands than kids. Speaking of kids, check out Uptown Jungle. There is additional proof that hand size is firmly identified with an individual’s stature.


As you can see, the answer to how to get bigger hands is not very easy. It requires patience, perseverance, and practice; a lot of practice. So, if you want bigger and stronger hands with better grip and more strength, just pick one of these tips and get working.

Instead of trying all these for a week or two, we suggest you pick the one you find the easiest and stick to it for at least a couple of months to see some results.

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